Happy Hour Friday 11.01

Wow – I feel like I say this ALL the time, but what a whirlwind of a week!!  I have some news for you weekly party-goers this week – this will be the last Happy Hour Friday link party.  I’ve really enjoyed having you come by for the past 2+ years to party with me, but it’s time for me to retire the linky.

Blogging is changing and the way people feel about crafts and DIY is changing – for the better!  But now that Craftgawker, Etsy, and Pinterest are so huge (can you believe there was NO such thing as PINTEREST when I first started hosting Happy Hour Friday??) and people have so many more sources for creative inspiration, I just don’t feel that link parties provide the same exposure.  I am seeing week after week that click-throughs are declining (that also means more and more people are just linking and running!) so I think it’s about time to close the party down.

That said – I’m still here!  I’ll be here, continuing to blog and connect.  If you are here to “meet” some new bloggers, I do run a group on Facebook for creative bloggers and you are welcome to join us!

I hope you enjoy this last, anything goes party.  I’ve had a lot of fun having you here and I hope to still see you around!!

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    Girl! I’ll miss your party :)
    Everything you say is true though, I see it in my own party every week. I think I’ll hang on there for a little while, but not sure how long.
    Thanks for all your parties!

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    I just started linking up a couple of weeks ago, but it was fun! Thanks, and I’ll be sure to stick around for all of your fun projects!

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    Just like Diane, I only stared linking up last week! Thank you and I’ll follow you on g+ so I can still see all your lovely projects/ideas. I’ll look at the FB group too if that’s ok, do I have to be invited?

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      No invitiation necessary! Just follow the link in the post, and request to join. Someone should approve you withing a few hours (during peak hours, a lot of times it’s just a few minutes).

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    Awww, I’m sad to see the party go! This was one of the first link parties I started doing and I have grown so much as a blogger because of it. Thank you for hosting it for so long (even though I only came at the tail end) and allowing new bloggers like me the change to get some exposure.

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    Thanks for hosting all this time. It’s hard to let go of this aspect of blogging but I agree, things are changing, so we have to find new ways to share all of our great ideas with each other.

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    I have really enjoyed sharing and seeing what everyone was up to each week. Thank you for the hop and I guess I will just have to stalk you now! LOL

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    Thanks for this one last party- sadly, I’d only found your blog a couple of months ago, so I guess I missed a lot, but as a fellow blogger, I hear what you’re saying. Thanks for all that you do- I read your blog almost daily!

    – Heather Rodman, The Real Leopardstripes

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    Hi Adrianne, I took link partying off for a month & a half so I was just now coming back and bummed to read your party has been discontinued. I had just joined in July of this year but want to say thanks for hosting, I really enjoyed linking up here & seeing other ideas. I will continue to see you on FB! ~ Mama Ging

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