Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh my goodness, this week is Thanksgiving already??  I know November moves faster for me than for a lot of people (39K and counting) but – Wow.

Miss Raya has a little something to share today, not that it’s an original idea, but special to me nonetheless. :)

My mother came yesterday to watch Raya for a few hours so my husband and I could have a little time out with some friends for a birthday celebration.  She had hoped to trace Raya’s hand for some hand turkeys… but seriously, have you ever tried that with someone under one?  Wasn’t happening, LOL.

So I suggested we do a few handprints instead and OH my GOODNESS it’s so much easier with two people!!  I was only in charge of the hand and the paint.  I just brushed the paint right on her hand, and I used regular acrylic.  My mom was in charge of rotating the papers in front of little miss.  Whenever Raya spread her hand out, I just pressed it onto the paper.  (At the end, I held her up to the faucet and my mom washed her hands.  It was a very efficient way to go, LOL.)

We kept this print for home, and sent the rest with my mom.  She was really excited to share some grandma-ness with a few long-distance friends and relatives.  I of course added the extra feathers and turkey-touches. :)

We considered doing a more traditional “thankful” hand turkey, had we been able to trace it after all.  This one would have said she’s thankful for Cheerios, her blanket, her monkey, and her family. :)  Do kids still make hand turkeys??

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you this week!  I hope you all have safe travels and spend some relaxing time with your loved ones!

~ Adrianne

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  1. Terry says

    I am nearly peeing myself laughing at the thought of you guys trying to get Raya to cooperate. I'm glad you got things to flow in the end and actually, it DOES sound like a pretty efficient method.

    I am always struck when I spend time with my nephew that everything needs at least 2 more hands to get done. How do moms do it? lol

  2. Lizzy says

    I love that Raya has a hand turkey!! I'm sure queso dip and pepperoni would be on her list as well. Such a cute idea!

  3. MrsFoxsSweets says

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Such a sweet little handprint! I need to get a handprint of my daughter before she gets too big!

  4. Jean Davis says

    Having done a similar project with an entire classroom of 5 year olds, I know how much 'fun' this is. P.S. the two person method is still highly recommended at that age too. ;)

    Very cute turkey!

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