Has it really only been one week?

So.  Week One in blogland has proved to be a colossal obsession. 

And just when I begin to get caught up in the virtual community, laxsupermom from Sugar & Spice in the land of Balls & Sticks drops by with an invite to show off something from my pre-blogging days.  Thank you, thank you for grounding me today. :) I needed that!!

OK, back to reality, Adrianne.  Pre-blogging was like, eight days ago.  Needless to say, I remember it like it was last week. (Ha.)

But I have been dying to show off a little something I made, and this is a great opportunity!

May I introduce:

My Little Love Bird

I have a weird obsession with birds.  Not real ones.  Just bird crafts, actually.  And this is the *very* first pattern I made myself!!  I had been itching to do some stuffed animals (after that initial rhinoceros, I felt invincible).  So I made this little guy.

In fact, I was proud enough that I entered him in an embroidery contest over at Prudent Baby.  Now, my embroidery sucks, so of course I didn’t win.  I didn’t even make the top ten.  Don’t even look closely, because you’re going to see every newbie mistake.  But, I am still proud of creating an original design!  And my husband still likes to point him out to guests on occasion and say, hey, look what my wife can do!

What about you all?  Anything from your pre-blogging days that’s share-worthy?  Drop by the party and add something yourself!!  (And while you’re there, be sure to “like” my project!!)


  1. laxsupermom says

    This is so cute! I love the fun fabric you chose for his body. So bright and pretty. This stuffy is just adorable! Thanks for sharing and for linking up at my party.

  2. Debate Team says

    Adrianne, you are very talented! I'm jealous–and great idea to put all of this on a blog!

  3. Kelly says

    This little guy is so cute! Did you come up with this pattern yourself, or use one somewhere on the internet? How completely adorable! Thanks for the comment on my post and for following me! I am your newest follower here!

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