Homemade Bath Salts

There is nothing I love more that getting to take a nice hot bath after my daughter has gone to bed.  It’s one of the true joys in my life, seriously!  I was lucky enough to get a gift last year from my blog-buddy Terry that included some peppermint-lavender bath salts.  It was kind of an unexpected combination – and it turns out, I love it!  If there is such a thing as simultaneous relaxation and invigoration, this is it.  Lucky for me, when I ran out, she shared the recipe – and it’s SO easy!  This is the perfect little gift for anyone who deserves a little pampering.

Terry’s post can be found here, which got me started.  She recommended Epsom Salts.  When I read up, Sea Salts make an excellent equivalent (and Epsom Salts may just be another word for the same thing).  Sea Salts have long been used to detox-and purify not only your skin, but your aura as well (if you subscribe to that sort of thing).  In my case, I suspect the nice hot soak has just as much to do with banishing the negative energy, though, LOL.

Anyway – for two batches of Bath Salts, all you need is:

1 c. Sea Salt
1 Tbsp. Baking Soda
3-4 drops essential oils.  For the lavender-peppermint combo, I used 2 drops of each.  You could also have a nice non-scented soak as well, especially if you have sensitive skin (or your gift recipient does).

Essential oils are available any place that sells soap making supplies.  I found mine at Hobby Lobby, and while they were a little pricey ($6 a bottle, so bring a coupon) they will last for many batches.  Once I started looking for Sea Salt, I found it to be expensive as well, most places.  Until I happened to look in the baking aisle of my grocery store, and guess what?

$1.49 for a great big tub. Perfect!

Pour your salt into a small bowl, and add your oil.  Just a few drops will do!  Then, stir in your baking soda.  Mix it really well.

Now, you can add it to your jars.  I love these little spice jars with hermetic lids.  I happened to find these at my grocery store, but the crafts stores tend to have a good selection – and watch the sales!  You can also recycle another jar or check thrift stores.  I’ve also found some cute spice jars at World Market in the past.  These are 3 oz. spice jars, which accommodate a little less than 1/2 cup.  So my 1-cup-batch made for two nice jars, and leftovers to test out that night in a bath… (don’t worry – no photos of that, LOL).

Now, these look nice (and smell even better) but I really felt like it needed a little something more.

Some of you may have seen from the Facebook Page that my awesome husband bought me a Silhouette Cameo for my birthday last week. :D  So, I had to break that baby in with a task I could never do by hand: I cut some very small vinyl lettering to label the jar.

I definitely don’t want this blog to go from easy projects to “look at all the cool things my big fancy machine does” – I have seen it happen at blogs I love!  But it’s just too freaking cool not to test it out right away. :P  If the Cameo is still on your wish-list, you can always print a label from your printer.  If you buy the self-adhesive paper, you can create your own sticker, or you can also try Mod-Podging a label on.  Or, just tie on a cute handwritten note with some twine!  My handwriting is atrocious, so the label is really the nicest-looking option for me.

And there you have it – a super quick, handmade gift.  Do you have another go-to gift idea like this one?

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  1. Jill says

    Fun! Love the scent combo and those little spice jars! My Cameo won't cut that small without tearing the vinyl. I think it might be time for a new blade…

  2. Kadie says

    MMmmmmmm warm bath!!! That sounds delightful. Your little bottle is so cute and your right the label is the perfect touch!!

  3. Lovely Light says

    Seems really easy! I've made a hand scrub by using sugar and a fair amount of lavender massage oil. Turned out really nice and useful for after washing the dishes!

  4. Katie says

    I love this idea! I must make some soon to try out and then maybe make them for friends for christmas!

  5. Truebluemeandyou says

    This project would make such wonderful (and inexpensive) holiday gifts. And thank you so so so much for adding the part about the Silhouette Cameo. I don't have one and neither do the majority of my readers and I've been starting to read a lot of posts on various crafts' blogs where I get half way through and the blogger writes, “And I used my (add machine name here) to do this craft.” I think a beautiful sticker label done on my printer will also look awesome :)

  6. Terry says

    We can always count on you to find the frugal place to find ingredients. I'll be checking out the baking aisle next time I'm there. Thanks much.

  7. (Queenmothermamaw) Peggy says

    I made these for all the men in my circle of gift getters last Christmas, sons, sons-in-law etc. and it was a big hit. I included directions for the women in their life to use these regularly and I told them I was going to check up on them. LOL not. Some of my daughters and dil rolled their eyes as if to say “who me?” but they did it. I used the Epsom Salts. I used Peppermint oil and virgin olive oil. Needless to say I used raffia and a Polo logo to decorate. You did a great job.

  8. Full Circle Creations says

    This is great! And would make a great gift…I can see it already as stocking stuffer…thanks for the idea! And for sharing at the All Star Block Party.


  9. Jessi Wohlwend says

    I love baths! I use both sea salt and Epsom salt in my baths cuz they are not exactly the same but they're very similar. And both are awesome for making hot baths! Epsom salt is man made and has magnesium in it which makes it soak in to your skin really well which makes it really great for sore muscles and drawing out toxins etc. These would make great gifts or favors, thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional!

  10. Christa Rood says

    That sounds like a great Combo & easy to make. Wonder if you could recycle Baby Food Jars for this :)

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