I Can Fix That – High Chair Cover

I love the Carter’s high chair we got for Raya, but I swear, the seat cover is the dumbest design *ever*. It always slouches down, no matter what I attempt to keep it up. I’ve said more than once, the velcro straps should go over the top. Seriously, did they not test this on a wiggly baby?  Before I put her in, the cover is higher than the seat back.  After a few minutes, this is what starts to happen:

And then it just keeps migrating south the longer she’s in it.

So my husband says, well, can’t you make a new one? (This is the man who thinks I can make anything, by the way.)

Well… yes.  I suppose I can just fix it!  Duh.
I didn’t take step-by-step pictures because unless you happen to have this exact high chair, I doubt it would be helpful at all. But all I did was trace the pieces of the existing chair, which were extremely simple, and add a seam allowance. Instant pattern.

I have had this Winnie-the Pooh fabric for *ages*. I stumbled across it once on clearance and bought the couple yards they had left. I had always thought I’d make it into a baby blanket (and I still might, as there’s plenty left for that) but I really favor bright colors for blankets. So this gets passed over every time. But when I was looking for something kitchen-neutral while being kid-friendly, it was suddenly just the right choice!

So I stitched up the inner side and the outer side, laid them right-sides-together, and stitched the up. Turned and added foam padding. And I did my over-the top straps, and just secured them with velcro to the back of the seat. Tadaa.

I think my only “mistake” was using foam for the padding. I don’t know why I always think foam is the solution. I HATE working with that stuff. Has anyone else found any tricks to making it work? So because I fought with the foam, the project took a full hour. 30 minutes of that was swear-laden. Good thing the little mama was down for her nap.

I think next time, I will use high-loft quilt batting and stitch it right in as I work. It’s more forgiving when you’re stitching with it, and I suspect it will wash up better, too. Because, clearly, this will get dirty from time to time.

So what do you think? Have you fixed the design flaws in anything recently?

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  1. Stephanie says

    Very, very cute! :)
    Oh, and I LOVE your little girl's name! So pretty and something I haven't heard before! :)

  2. Carol-Anne (Use the Good Dishes!) says

    What a good idea for fixing a ridiculous problem! Looks great and probably feels more comfortable now too!

  3. brett says

    super cute idea. my solution usually involves etsy and spending money. :o(

    i'm a new email subscriber for your blog, by the way, from the hop

    love crafty things can't wait to see what you share next!

  4. fashioneggpplant says

    that's awesome. looks store bought and i think i prefer the look of it to the original one :)

  5. imklvr says

    You know, when I run across something that has been designed…well….stupidly….I always figure a man designed it. Cuz when it comes to stuff like this, they just don't GET IT, ya know? But we love 'em anyway. You did a great job, and yes extra loft batting is “da bom”! Washes like a handkerchief (to quote my mom)(I bet there are young 'uns that don't know what a handkerchief is!) and you can do anything with it! Keep up the good work….oh and your Raya is a doll baby!!

  6. Leighann says

    I really need to pick your brain a little more. I have the exact same high chair and I too have the exact same problem! It’s so annoying. But unlike you I am not crafty at all. How do I do what you did? This high chair is sticking around for my new little one because the frame is in such good condition still.

  7. Kelley Butler says

    I’m with Leighann. I have the same exact high chair as you and I stumbled upon this thread while searching for a replacement cover. Mine is being used by baby #2 and the waterproof material has cracked and peeled away from being washed so many times. Do you think I could pay you to make me one?!?!

  8. Melissa says

    I have the same high chair and have the same problem. Thanks for posting this as Babies # 2 and 3 are on the way. My cover is in pretty good shape, but I figure we will need a new one soon. Saw this and my husband is ready to get the sewing machine hooked up for me. Thanks again!!

  9. Taylor says

    I have the same one too! I’m a pretty crafty chick too, but I lack the time to actually make anything. You should make more of these and sell them on Etsy. I’ll buy one.

  10. Krissy says

    It’s an old post I know. But I found your site by looking for a pattern of sorts to make a new cover for my high chair. I threw out my old one but kept the chair. Dumb I know! Now I want to make a new cover for it and give it to a friend who is having a baby. But it has the big flair top portion with the sides! What a pain. Anywho…. I quilt often and hate working with batting for some reason. Now I use polar fleece instead of batting for quilts it’s much easier to work with. So I thought I might make that suggestion. Even two layers of polar fleece might be an idea instead of batting.

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