It’s Almost NaNoWriMo!

Today I am off to do literary things – National Novel Writing Month kicks off in just two short days!  We call it NaNoWriMo… have you heard of it?  I encourage you to check it out.  It’s a very cool premise.  All you have to do is write a novel in 30 days… piece of cake, right?

The challenge is actually a bit simpler than that – it’s more like a very rough, 50,000 word draft in the month of November.  50,000 words equates to roughly 200 pages.  Breakneck writing equates to lots of editing to do later, but for anyone sitting on the sidelines, thinking they will write a story {someday} – it’s the perfect excuse to start your story.  It was my excuse in October of 2008.  I signed up on October 29, with no clue what I was going to write – so that means, it’s not too late to start right now!

This year, I begin work on my fifth novel.  (If you’re doing the math – I also undertook the summertime challenge, Camp NaNoWriMo this year.  That’s right – this is the second novel I’ll be writing this year!)  So what’s it about?  Well, I invite you to visit my author page and take a look if you’re curious.  Also this year, I am thrilled to say – I help make NaNoWriMo run!  I’m a Municipal Liaison in my region, and today, I’m about to celebrate with a few dozen local writers in a bit of an organized frenzy, while we all prepare for Tuesday.

One more exciting thing I’m doing in preparation of this writing marathon is waiting very impatiently for my friend Terry to get her care package that I sent.  She blogs over at These Peas Taste Funny, and I was so excited to learn that she is a writer who participates in NaNoWriMo too!  So we decided that as crafty, bloggy, writer-types, it just makes good sense that we exchange care packages to get us through November.  I can’t wait to show you what we sent each other for this little exchange!

And it may go without saying, but I will be a little more absent this month from Happy Hour than normal while I focus my efforts on my writing endeavors and supporting and overseeing the nearly 500 writers in my region.  I have some fantastic guest bloggers lined up this month, though, and Freestyle Friday will still be here every week at 5:00 pm Thursday night through the weekend.  Stay tuned!

Living on caffeine for the next five weeks ~ Adrianne


  1. Terry says

    Woohoo,….I can't wait to see that baby arrive here. he he he Yours is going out tomorrow (no, really, it is!!) so the clock starts ticking then. Good luck,…I know you'll be a fabulous ML and win this year easily. Okay,…maybe not easily, but definitely. :)

  2. CaroleM says

    All the best! My husband did the write a book in 3 day challenge this year. Wow, it was a lot of work. He loved it though. I think I'll tell him about this challenge for next year.

  3. Mandi says

    Yay! I'm going to look you up on NaNoWriMo – I'm doing it this year for the first time ever. I have said I was going to for years…and this year I have absolutely no excuse not to do it. I'm excited, nervous, scared…and still have no idea what I'm writing about. Congrats on being the ML, that's a lot of people in your group!

    Psssssst…I voted for your pillow, too! :D

    Smile and Mama With Me

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