Jello Oranges

We still have a LOT of jello in the house after my surgery last year (when I was on clear liquids only for a couple weeks).  So when I spotted this idea on Pinterest, I knew I wanted to try it!

This is what I was working with from Pinterest.  When I finally found a source for this pin, I found the post at  Oh! Party.  This was a tough one to track down… do you ever get as frustrated as I do when everything is a dead link or spam??  People, please pin responsibly!  LOL!

I only used oranges for mine, and I will tell you why: we don’t eat a lot of lemons or limes in our house.  So if I was going to remove the fruit, I certainly wasn’t going to let it go to waste!  So, oranges it was.

One thing that the original source never mentioned was an actual recipe.  I mean, I know jello is simple, but ratios are definitely nice to know!  So after figuring that out, I will share what I learned with you here.

Jello Oranges – makes 24 slices

  • 3 large navel oranges (if you use the small ones in the bag, you will need more)
  • 2 boxes of orange Jello (I used sugar-free, but either version will work fine)
  • 2 c. boiling water
  • 1 c. cold water*

You’ll note that this is less water than the package calls for.  Because you will be slicing these, you want your jello to set slightly harder.  Be sure to stir your jello in boiling water for the full two minutes that the package directions tell you to, then add your reduced cold water.

*A note here, if you saw this photo and said, “those would make awesome Jello shots!” the way so many on Pinterest did, this is where you substitute your alcohol.  (I’d recommend a flavored vodka.  Try whipped cream vodka, its tastes like creamsicles!)  Just use 1 cup vodka in place of the cold water, but before you do, stir in a couple ice cubes.  If vodka gets above 165 degrees, the alcohol burns off (though the taste remains), so be sure your jello mix is cooled well below boiling before adding it or there’s really no point!  Also, don’t try to add more than 1 cup, it won’t set up well.  This still gives you 3/4 oz. vodka in each orange slice which is plenty!

All right – let’s get back on track, shall we? :)

Halve your oranges and remove the fruit.

I found this worked best to loosen it with a spoon, then use your hand to pull it out more or less intact.  If you end up with this at the navel:

that’s okay!  Just pull it off really carefully.  Depending on how large a navel your orange has, you’ll end up with something that looks like this.

This was a really large navel.  So when you shop, shop for small ones, if you can.  What you can do is trim these edges down with your kitchen shears, because you’ll want to fill your rinds up with Jello all the way, if you can.

Now, put your rinds into something to stabilize them.  I have these small bowls.

Then just pour your Jello mixture in, and keep them level.  Chill them in the refrigerator.  I chilled mine overnight.

Then, just carefully slice them up!  Quarters seemed too large, so I sliced mine into eighths.

Then just serve and enjoy!

This post is part of the Project Pinterest Challenge!

I also link up to these great parties!~ Adrianne


  1. Terry says

    You always have the greatest tutorials. You seem to intuitively know where I am going to have questions, and then you answer them before they pop into my head. Love this – would be so cute for a barbecue with little kiddies able to still keep running while they enjoyed their dessert (because heaven knows after supper, they aren't going to sit still much longer).

  2. allisamazing says

    Thanks for sharing – now I know how to make them :) I think they would be perfect for a backyard BBQ!

  3. Kadie says

    I LOVE this! I have wanted to try it but was to lazy to try to figure it out. This will be perfect for the kids for the summer!

  4. Abbie says

    Thanks for figuring out the ratios. That's the tough part, along with gently slicing. Pretty and tasty result!

  5. Jill says

    Those look so yummy!!! What a fun treat to have in the summer at a BBQ! Great idea!! Thanks so much for sharing this as well at the Project Pinterest Challenge! Good Luck!!

  6. The Better Baker says

    I can't tell you how many times I've seen these and think I'm going to make them, but haven't yet. I think this would be a terrific idea to make for an upcoming graduation open house. VERY nice tutorial. Thanks so much for sharing. I found you at Mix it up Monday!

  7. Sharon says

    You caught me! I was thinking Jello shots. ;) These look like a fun, refreshing treat for the summer. Thanks for sharing at Show & Tell.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  8. Mary Sullivan Frasier says

    Yummm! These look so cool and slippery and refreshing! Just perfect for hot summer days and backyard barbecues. I haven't tried the whipped cream vodka yet, but your creamscicle reference totally sold me. LOL Thanks for sharing them! ~Mary

  9. Six Sisters says

    These are such a fun and cute idea! We are so happy that you linked up to our “Strut Your Stuff Saturday” and we hope you see you back next week!! -The Sisters

  10. Ladies Holiday says

    I'm not a huge jello fan, but those are so cool looking they'd definitely be a hit! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Jenifer Harrod says

    This would be so neat for me to do with the kids. We will have to do this with limes and oranges. We love both for the most part but there are one of my children who doesn't like either but he loves jello:) Come visit us sometime. I'm your newest follower.

  12. Kara at Petals to Picots says

    Hi Adrianne! I am featuring you at my I Love Fridays party this week!! Feel free to drop by and grab a featured button :) Can't wait to see what you link up next.

  13. Little Sister says

    I am totally making these for my birthday this weekend – I think it will help get us through an evening with the inlaws! ;) We'll make non-alcoholic for the kids of course, cause they will think it is so cool! Great tip!

  14. Nicole says

    That is one of the coolest things! The kids are quite excited to try it! Please come by my blog hop sometime to show it off!

  15. Lauren says

    That's a really fantastic idea, and something I will totally try sometime. It creates a more “classy” version of jello shots for people who want to throw a little party at home but don't necessarily want it to turn into a bar scene. Plus it's super easy to convert for kiddos so they don't feel left out!

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