Krazy Deals on Krazy Glue with Jingit – and a $500 Giveaway!

Tracking PixelThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Jingit.

You know what question I would never want to answer honestly?  Adrianne, how much do you spend on supplies for all these projects, anyway?  


Kind of a lot.  More than what a reasonable person would find, well, reasonable.  So I’m a deal-hunter.  Are you?  If there’s a way for me to get a great deal on the supplies I need for upcoming projects, I’m all over it.  It keeps me crafting, folks.  I am not one to clip coupons – I just don’t have the time for that!  I always get to the store and I’m like, oh good, guess what I left on the kitchen table? But if I can get the deal right on my phone, well, that’s a way to save that’s easy for me.  I have a few apps downloaded that I can retrieve a coupon from, but I just learned this week about an app I’ve been missing out on until now: Jingit.

Krazy Deals on Krazy Glue with Jingit

You download the app to your smartphone.  You check in when you’re out at Walmart.  You see what kinds of deals are available.

Krazy Deals on Krazy Glue with Jingit

The icons in the corner tell you whether you need to check in to earn cash (with the pin), or watch a short video about the product to see if it’s something you’d like (with the “play” icon).  So you see just what kinds of projects Krazy Glue is suitable for.

Krazy Deals on Krazy Glue with Jingit

Pretty much everything, obviously.  You and I, we’re DIY-ers.  We know this already.  But did you know Krazy Glue comes in a new, big, 20g size?  That, I did not know.  That’s more projects in one tube.  Thanks, Jingit!  And just like that, I earned ten cents cash back.

Krazy Deals on Krazy Glue with Jingit

You can also check in and scan the new big size Krazy Glue when you’re *at* Walmart, answer a quick survey, and get even more cash back.

Krazy Deals on Krazy Glue with Jingit

You can use Jingit on your computer or on-the-go by downloading the Jingit phone app, and you will get personalized offers.  It’s stuff you’re already buying, like Krazy Glue!  Check out deals on products you already want, or watch videos and learn about something new. Once you earn $3, you can get the Jingit Visa debit card and start using those rewards!

And since you’re already shopping for Krazy Glue at Walmart – how about a great giveaway?  One lucky reader has the chance to win a $500 Walmart gift card!

Krazy Deals on Krazy Glue with Jingit

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So – what kinds of projects do you use Krazy Glue for? Leave me a comment and let me know!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Jingit.

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    • says

      Yeah, WHY does that always seem to happen?? I can’t even get mad at my kids for breaking stuff, they inherited my gene for it, I think!

  1. Brigitte B says

    I have a box full of knick knacks that need mending. I would use the super glue to finally fix all my broken little things

  2. says

    Probably to pass it on to my son’s teacher, so that she can glue him into his seat. He never stops moving! Haha. Thanks Adrianne!

  3. says

    This summer I want to start a little crafting business, I would use the glue to make some of my jewelry and dream catchers!

  4. Natasha J says

    i would start by fixing all the stuff on my to do list that i still havent got to yet lol

  5. Cassandra Eastman says

    I would use to fix our towel racks and little things around the house, as well as to craft with!

  6. Emily C says

    I have some resin kits that keep falling apart. Maybe this would work, nothing else does.

  7. says

    I would use it for a cool Scrabble tile pendant/coaster craft I’ve been wanting to try… I have some old Scrabble tiles that are perfect for a DIY project :)

  8. Heather McKenzie Carter says

    I have 9 kiddos… I use krazy glue like crazy! Everything around here seems to need fixed… I just used krazy glue tonight to glue batman’s head back on after one my twins accidentally broke it off.

  9. Rebecca Parsons says

    I have some old dishes that were passed down from generations that the handles have broken on, would love to fix them with the Krazy Glue.

  10. Jessica says

    With two boys (plus a husband who’s not exactly dainty!) things are constantly getting broken around the house! I like super glue because of how fast it bonds.

  11. Peter G says

    My son just got a dog and he loves my shoes, purse and everything that I can use the glue on to put back together.

  12. Margaret says

    Oy, I need it to glue on those rubber thingies on my earbuds. They keep popping off! And for jewelry projects.

  13. Jennifer says

    What *wouldn’t* I use Krazy Glue for? I always buy it for a specific reason, and then I end up using it for dozens of other little things all over the house.

  14. Lisa Aliperti says

    My husband uses it to repair cuts on his fingers. I use it to repair the handles of coffee cups that get broken in the dishwasher.

  15. Shauna says

    Such a neat app, might have to check it out. I don’t use a lot of crazy glue, or any fast drying glue…I tend to glue myself to stuff that way.

  16. christine jessamine says

    I would love to use this towards making a fun fathers day craft with my daughter

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