Memory Wire Tube Bead Bracelet

Today’s project is one I shared at Crafts Unleashed last month – it’s a fun and easy bangle that is great for jewelry beginners because it uses memory wire – that means there are no clasps or findings to worry about.  All you need to think about is what kinds of fabulous beads you want to use. ;)

Memory Wire Tube Bead Bracelet

I am loving turquoise this season, so I used a mix of turquoise beads and tube beads to create this look.  I’ll show you how I made mine, but keep in mind that memory wire bracelets are very versatile – giving you the chance to create any look you love!

What you will need:

Memory Wire Tube Bead Bracelet

  • Memory Wire
  • Tube beads – 3 packs of 4 will make this look.
  • Accent beads you love (I used a few inches of 4mm round Turquoise Shell Twister Beads™)
  • Round-nose jewelry pliers
  • Optional but helpful – Memory Wire Shears

First, using your round-nosed pliers, make a small loop at the end of your memory wire coil.  This will hold your beads on as you work.  If you are working of a large spool, you can cut about 4 coils off to make this bracelet.   The memory wire I linked to above is pre-cut into coils of 4.

Memory Wire Tube Bead Bracelet

Begin threading your beads onto the coil.  There is no right or wrong way to do it, but I added two shell beads between each tube bead. You may certainly use just one, or several!

If you find that the tube beads aren’t exactly the same curve as your memory wire, you may need to bend (or un-bend, as the case may be) your wire slightly to match the curve.  You will only need to to this for a short length at the very beginning of your coil; once the beads are on, they will slide along just fine.

Memory Wire Tube Bead Bracelet

Once all your beads are threaded on, take your round-nosed pliers and make a curve in the end of your memory wire.  This just ensures that your beads don’t fall off when you use the shears to nip off the excess wire.

Memory Wire Tube Bead Bracelet

Memory wire shears aren’t essential, but memory wire holds its shape because it is hardened beyond average jewelry wire.  This make it easy to wear, but it’s not easy to cut with normal wire cutters.  It can be done, but once I tried the memory wire shears, I’m so glad I got them.  Memory wire is a lot of fun for bracelet-making, so if you’re anything like me, you’ll probably find them a worthwhile investment!

Memory Wire Tube Bead Bracelet

Finish making a loop in the end of your newly-cut wire, and that’s it!  It’s ready to wear, or to give as a gift!

Memory Wire Tube Bead Bracelet



  1. says

    GORGEOUS! Pinned it…I think I’ve pinned almost every piece of jewelry you’ve ever made, lol. Where’d you get the tube beads? I love memory wire.

      • Babs says

        Hi Adrianne, I just stumbled on this bracelet of yours and want to make for my sister. The links do not exist and you don’t say the size (ie: 38mm by 2mm) regarding the size of the tubes. Can you tell me that?

        Thank you!

  2. says

    Beautiful! I’ve never considered myself crafty enough to make something that exquisite! You make it look fun and easy! I may have to give it a try!

  3. Sonya Neal says

    Once again Adrianne, you have made me smile! :) I love all that you do and you continue to inspire me each and everyday! So beautiful!! :)

  4. Maribegth says

    Where do you find the memory wire? I heard they have 2 sizes but I can’t find it??? Can’t wait to try this bracelet……thanks for sharing your talents : )

  5. says

    I have not used memory wire so I am a little confused. Do you run the memory wire through the tubes? This bracelet looks simple enough as a starting point. I have been making jewelry for several years but never tried using memory wire.


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