Well it’s time for the big move!  I feel like I have been talking about it forever, LOL.  So there is a definite lack of craftiness going on (which is a bummer!) but plenty keeping us busy!  I want to take a minute today for a personal post (sorry if you were hoping for a tutorial – you just get me today, haha).

We got keys last weekend which was a few days before we were expecting to – which is perfectly awesome.

Moving to our new house!

The big move is on Saturday, but it has been nice to have this week for having things connected, delivered, cleaned and installed.  We still have quite a bit to pack, but it’s coming right along – as well as can be expected around working, of course.  And, our condo is still for sale – I even had a showing last night on it.  Fingers crossed we are able to sell soon, now.

Anyway – here it is!

Moving to our new house!

Raya has been so funny through all of this.  Every time we pull in the new garage she says, “We’re home!” And my goodness… the fun a kid can have with a cardboard box!!

Moving to our new house!

It’s all big and exciting and I really, really wish I weren’t 8 months pregnant trying to do it, but it’s going to be so nice to get into a big enough space for our family – just in time for our second baby to arrive (or I sure hope, anyway!)  Despite all the great things about it I am still a bit nostalgic to be leaving the old place behind.  I did a lot of cool things here when I first struck out on my own, then this is where Kevin and I lived together, and then it was our daughter’s first home.  So we will still have the chance to do plenty of “firsts” in the new place, but it’s hard to see the end of an era when it was such a good one. :)

But – the new house has a craft room for me, everyone has their own room, and we’ve got a deck and a yard… although I have to say – I don’t envy Kevin… the lawn is like a jungle right now.  Coming from the condo, we had to buy a lawnmower this week!  (I confess… it’s still in the box!) We will need rakes and shovels and probably a snowblower too…

Big and exciting.  All of it!

I can’t say with certainty when I will be back in the swing of things.  Hopefully soon, because I love and miss my projects and sharing them with you!!  But if I am a bit MIA for a little bit – you know what’s keeping me busy!  Thanks for reading today!! :)





  1. says

    Yay – so so exciting for you Adrianne. We aren’t going anywhere so you relax and take your time getting settled. Big hugs xxxx

  2. Crystal says

    It’s so exciting getting to move into a new house and make new memories. Make sure to rest and not do too much!! Can’t wait to see the new house!!

  3. Rachella Bowers says

    Good luck with the move. Make sure to take it easy though when you can!
    Take care. :-)

  4. tavette says

    Think of it this way……with a craft room all to yourself, imagine the convenience of not having to put away all your supplies while in the middle of a project (to make room on your dining room table for dinner – if the dining room table is somewhere you’ve been crafting.

    The photo of your daughter is adorable. Kids are so versatile. Look at her – she’s in a box and she’s saying “l’m home”.

    I know very well about the nostalgia factor – so many memories in the old place. But…you’re young, you’ll have room to spread out, a 2 car garage with a yard for the kidS (that was plural) to play. You’re “movin’ on up”.

  5. Marilyn says

    Raya is simply adorable. The move will seem like it takes forever but what a wonderful new home you have and I can’t wait to see your new creations once your settled!

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