Multi-Strand Mixed Media Bracelet

Well, my schedule is ALL thrown off with the holidays so I’m sorry if you have been hanging around wondering when I was going to share a new tutorial. ;) This week is equally chaotic – I have been working on some new pieces, but finding time to sit down and write has been tough! I DO have this lovely mixed media piece to show you today, though – it’s a multiple-strand bead and chain bracelet in blue hues that makes up pretty quickly.

Multi-Strand Mixed Media Bracelet Tutorial at

What you will need:

Multi-Strand Mixed Media Bracelet Tutorial at

  • Beads you love! Try to choose different sizes and textures for the bead strands. I made one strand large blue stone beads, and the other small glass beads in two shades of blue, set off by metal spacers. You will need 7 inches of beads for each strand.
  • Chain and clasp – you can buy a pre-made bracelet, or add your favorite style clasp to 7 inches of chain.
  • Beading wire, wire guards, and 2mm crimps
  • Wire cutters and flat-nosed pliers

First, attach your beading wire to the ends of your chain.  The Wire guards are optional but they will make your piece last much longer so I really recommend using them.  Thread a crimp bead onto your wire, then feed it through one hole of the wire guard.  Next, hook the wire guard onto the end of the chain.  Feed the wire through the second hole.  Then, feed it back through the crimp bead and crimp it closed with your pliers.

Multi-Strand Mixed Media Bracelet Tutorial at

The tail end of wire doesn’t need to be trimmed too short – you can just add your beads on in whatever pattern you like.  When you reach 7 inches in length (the same as your chain) then secure the other end of the wire the same way.  The tail-end of the wire can be threaded back inside the beads.

Multi-Strand Mixed Media Bracelet Tutorial at

Add a third strand, a fourth – really whatever you like!  Since my second strand was larger beads, I quit at 2 bead strands.  Let me show you a close-up of how the wires attach to the ends of the chain:

Multi-Strand Mixed Media Bracelet Tutorial at

And that is it!  There’s so much room to make this piece uniquely your own – you can create any pattern (or random beading) you like the looks of.  The final effect looks like a beautiful stack of bracelets, though you will only have just the one closure.

Multi-Strand Mixed Media Bracelet Tutorial at

What are you making for the new year?  Have you made any resolutions to be more crafty or learn new techniques?

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  1. says

    I’m trying to be more crafty and your jewelry making skills never cease to amaze me. Your multi-strand bracelet is off the chain beautiful.

  2. says

    This is really pretty. I love wearing a stack of bracelets, even better when they are attached. Love your color choice too.

  3. says

    I love this! I’m all over stacking bracelets, but this is nice in that it will keep things “organized” on your wrist.

    Pinned (of course)!

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