My Attempt at Halloween Cupcakes

So on Tuesday, the fabulous Christina from blog of the week Mrs. Fox’s Sweets brought us a great tutorial for some Halloween cupcakes.  Did you see it?  

Well, she made it look so easy, so I gave it a try too!  I learned a lot.  And ended up with a few questions that I am hoping sweet Mrs. Fox will answer for us newbies.  If you are a Happy Hour Regular, you know that I am not a foodie.  So, really if you have even a little bit of experience, you will likely do better than this.  Also – despite my disappointment in not doing as fantastic a job as Christina, these were still a big hit!

Ready for the reveal?

Yeah.  Not quite like Mrs. Fox’s:

I used a mix.  And a tub of frosting.  But it was those darn cute spiderwebs that I had the difficulty with.  I took Christina’s advice and invested in some disposable piping bags – for 2 tips, a coupler, and 12 bags, I did spend $6.50 – add to that my mix and frosting (on-sale), some Wilton candy melts, and cupcake papers, I spent $12 total for this project, which is still slightly cheaper for 2 dozen cupcakes than my bakery.  But I don’t have to buy these particular tips again, and I still have 10 bags left for lots more practice, so if I do this again, it will be much more economical.

First thing I would have done differently – double-checked which tip shape makes that lovely, fluffy swirly look.  I did not get a 1M tip, I bought a #21, thinking that must have been the one.  It still looked SO much cuter than using a spatula, but not the same as my inspiration!

Second… I do not know how this happened:

But my husband came running when he heard alarmed noises coming from the kitchen.  He came running with the camera, actually, and found it to be rather hilarious.  Okay, even I can laugh.  I made quite a mess.

My melts were very melty.  They oozed out the tip and I was SUPER MESSY getting them into the bag.  Then, I didn’t really quite know how to hold the bag – it was very awkward to me and it kept making my hand cramp.  

But moving on – after Mr. Photographer had his laugh, he did get me a new sheet of wax paper and I managed to pipe them.  It’s possible that it was just too warm when I started, because it did stop dripping.  I made around 50 from one bag of candy melts.  If you know what you’re doing – use just half a bag.  But I needed to practice, and that let me pick and choose the best ones.  And, they are delicious, so you can eat the mistakes.  Yummm.

Now, I had to pipe really fast, and I still got lots of blobs.  I did not have the same control that Christina seems to have.  For the webbing part, I just swirled a super-quick spiral.  I also should have made sure the circles go all the way to the edges of the star-form… because they started looking like pirate ship steering wheels.  Alas.

Update:  Christina has some advice if this is your first try – check out today’s post over at Mrs. Fox’s Sweets HERE.  She closes with some words of wisdom – don’t stress, even a messy cake tastes great!  So true!!  Thank you so much for sharing and for being a part of the fun this week, I loved trying your idea!

Happy Halloween, mamas!  ~ Adrianne

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  1. Terry says

    Oh you poor thing. I think it's hilarious that hubby came running with camera in hand, lol. I think they still look good enough to eat, but want to hear what suggestions Christina has for you. :) Thanks for being brave and sharing.

  2. MrsFoxsSweets says

    This has been so much fun Adrianne and I do think you did great, not messy, other than your fingers! 15 or 16 years ago my first attempt was so bad, I mean BAD, it looked like a green slime fest and I didnt bake again for another 13 years! lol! My words of wisdom were actual something that my decorating instructor shared and soooo true! No matter how bad what I have mad looks, everyone still eats it! I hope you will let me drag you along on another decorating adventure one day!

  3. Anna says

    I have to laugh that your husband came running with the camera! They still look great and I'm sure they taste amazing too.

  4. khaay says

    It must have been fun making those cupcakes! :)
    It looks yummy tooo!

    – your new follower ;)

  5. Ladybird Ln says

    Ahh… these look great! SO good for your first try… They kind of look like snow flakes… maybe you can make snow flake cookies for christmas … lol. I am so happy you tried, and blogged about it!


  6. MrsFoxsSweets says

    I had to share with you something that you will get a huge laugh out of! I am doing a craft today, simple, but still something I don't do. I am making a large glitter “K”…glue wasnt working out so well in covering the K with glitter, so I used permanent spray adhesive. Now, I am trying to keep this all a secret, working while my daughter is in school, well my hands are covered in glitter and I must have gotten some permanent spray adhesive on them first and it won't wash off! I can so relate to the melted candy everywhere now as I have about everything covered in red glitter!

  7. Jenny says

    I think they look adorable and if you offered me one I certainly wouldn't not eat it! : ) Thanks for linking up to latest and greatest friday!!

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