My Huggies Little Swimmer at the Splash Park!

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So, over the weekend we got some summertime weather! We saw 90 degrees, which I would normally be jumping for joy about, because I LOVE summertime in Michigan! Except right now I’m 8 months pregnant, and we are moving this week… so honestly, I could have waited another week to see such a hot, hot day. ;) But, it just prompted a mandatory splash pad break – which my daughter was perfectly thrilled to take.  (Okay, me too!)

Huggies Little Swimmers at the Water Park
I had just made a trip out to Target last week (with my little helper) to finish getting a few summer essentials, and I grabbed some Huggies Little Swimmers for Raya and a new pair of water shoes for her for the summer.  My water baby goes through a few packs of Little Swimmers each summer, so it was nice to find that Target has a coupon right now for $1.50 off.  (Here’s the link to the coupon for you, in case you’re getting ready for summer with your little ones too – it’s always good to save money on the things you already need!)  So we are all ready over here to enjoy the season!

Little Swimmers Shopping Trip

In a state surrounded by water, summertime = water play!  So I actually keep a beach bag packed for most of the summer so we can grab and go anytime we feel like it with minimal fuss (because there is nothing worse than making a toddler wait to leave for the pool, the beach, or the splash pad once she knows we’re going, haha!)

Huggies Little Swimmers at the Water Park

My bag has towels for everyone, sunscreen, a few snacks and bottles of water, and of course – extra Huggies Little Swimmers.

Huggies Little Swimmers at the Splash Park

Little Swimmers really are essential.  Even kids at my daughter’s stage (where potty training is a work-in-progress, though we are making great strides) still really need that protection if they are anything like Raya… she is NOT going to get out of the water to tell me she has to go potty – water is just WAY too much fun!  Little Swimmers are a great fit, and they have held up to all kinds of play for us – and we do a bit of everything!  They are really the only solution for your kids’ comfort and keeping play areas clean.  I also love that they can pull up and down like training pants for those times when she really can tell me she needs to go – or just tear off like a regular diaper when it’s time for a change.

Huggies Little Swimmers at the Water Park

With all the logistics covered for a day at the beach, the pool, or the splash pad – all that is left is to have fun – and jump in!  You’re covered!

Huggies Little Swimmers at the Splash Park

What kinds of water activities does your family enjoy in the summertime?



  1. says

    We love love the splash park too! My little guy loves water in any way, shape or form–but he has no fear, so at least at the splash park I don’t have to worry about him running and belly flopping in the deep end–because that is what he loves to do! We stock up on Little Swimmers. Got two in them now–and you will have two in them soon!

  2. Kirsten says

    Raya is so stinkin’ cute in her little bathing suit! Marley lived in her Little Swimmers every summer here in GA – they are a lifesaver! I bet this little splash bad break was just what the doctor ordered – forced you to relax for just a little while :) Good luck with the move!!

  3. says

    So much fun Adrianne! I love that we were out doing the same thing this weekend. Your lil one is just so cute. I love all the big smiles and boy oh boy – Little Swimmers make things so easy, don’t they!

  4. says

    Your little girl is so so cute! She was obviously enjoying herself! For real, how did Moms survive before Little Swimmers? I remember my Mom putting like a set of plastic undies on my little brother- yikes! Summer got a heckuva lot more awesome thanks to these things :)

  5. Marilyn says

    Splash Park…what a fun way to spend your day! :D Little Swimmers are a life safe for water play day!

  6. says

    She so cute! We pretty much live in the water during the summer. the humidity down here is killer, so if I want the kids to stay outside, I’ve got to provide endless water activities! lol

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