New Year’s Wish (or Resolution) Glass

I always enjoy New Year’s Eve, even since we do old things like have an early dinner out and (hopefully stay up long enough to) watch the ball drop on TV.  I don’t know why the start of a new year seems so fresh with possibilities… it just does. :)

Since we don’t have a big party, I don’t have any big New Year Crafts for you this year – just a couple of fun ones I’ll share with you today & tomorrow that are great last-minute things and are suitable for any kind of celebration – big parties or just hanging out at home with the kids.

New Year's Wish Glass

This one my husband even had fun helping with – the Wish Glass.  You could easily gear it toward resolutions instead, we just enjoyed talking about and writing down the things we were hoping for in 2013.

The Wish Glass is SUPER simple and you can make it any way you like.  All you really need is a glass (mine came from the dollar store), some paper, and a pen.  I couldn’t resist adding a little touch to the glass itself; I cut “2013” from vinyl and adhered it to the glass.  You could also paint or etch the year, if you want to.

New Year's Wish Glass

Then, we took turns writing down the big plans we have for the coming year.  To make the strips of paper look a little nicer (more like a glass of faux “bubbly”) I used a pair of scissors to curl the strips.  It’s not a necessary step – you could just as easily fold them, too.

New Year's Wish Glass

Then, we just added them to the glass!

New Year's Wish Glass

So what’s your biggest wish for 2013?  Go ahead and comment, so we can toast to New Year wishes together!

New Year's Wish Glass



  1. says

    What a great idea. I think that we will do that tomorrow. We’ll put our papers in a mason jar to save and read next New Year’s Eve. Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea.

  2. terry says

    Great idea,…..I love your ‘new house’ wish. :) Can’t wait to see that one come true!! I think my biggest wish for 2013 is to finish my novel, final draft. Yikes. :) Happy New Year Adrianne.

  3. Marilyn says

    I LOVE this idea, Adrianne! My biggest wish is for strength for my husband (his mother is suffering from alzheimer’s).

  4. says

    That’s a marvelous idea. I am not a crafty person and I think even I could do this one! Thanks for taking the time to share it with us and Happy New Year to you and yours!!:-)

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