One Word 2012

So I know I’m a little late to the party (fashionably so, I hope?) but I am loving the “One Word” idea for the new year.  I do make resolutions – not normally at the beginning of the year, but all year long.  Still, having a theme to focus on sounds like a very cool idea.

I’ve given some thought to my word for 2012, and I really think a good one for me is:

On the more obvious front, there are a lot of new things I’d like to experiment with this year.  I think a lot of DIY-mamas can relate to that! :)

But the part I’d like to focus and actually work on, is that there are also things I tend to get an attitude about without really giving it a real shot.  Things like, asking my boss for a raise if there isn’t one on this week’s check (since I still have no idea if I’m getting one this year.  There’s not a whole lot of communication where I work).  I shouldn’t let things like that go – what will it really hurt to try?

I’d like to help with some additional writing groups.  In the past I thought I didn’t really have the right credentials to volunteer, but you know – just being willing might be all that it takes.  If I’m not a good fit, I’m sure they will let me know.  If I don’t try, though, then no one is going to search me out and ask for my help!

I think there are a lot of things along these lines that I could benefit from just trying.  Even some really mundane things, like instead of assuming my husband won’t help with the laundry, I could try asking for help instead.  (At least then I earn the right to grumble about it, right?  LOL!)

For a lot of things, without trying, I’m guaranteed a certain outcome.  If that’s not an outcome that makes me happy, then I should  try to change it.  Some things are out of my control and I may not always get my way, but it’s within my power to try.  I think I owe it to myself to do at least that!

What about you mamas?  What’s your word this year?

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~ Adrianne


  1. says

    What a great word to begin this new year with. I love it (and am adopting it). Am returning your follow with my own, and look forward to more inspiration. Happy 2012.

  2. Terry says

    Great word choice. It encompasses what you have control over without putting expectations on yourself that would depend on others. Brilliant. I am guilty of not asking for help and then getting irritated when I don't get help. When you write it out, it doesn't sound very smart, does it, ha ha. I'm inspired by your word. I know you'll have a rocking year and I am so excited to share with you. ;)

  3. Grateful4Crochet says

    I'm liking try a lot!!
    I'm going to go with *write for my word, as I want this year to be the year where I try and write more, and my blog has been a good place to start that journey. Thanks for the inspiration

  4. Jean Davis says

    I went with LESS. I'm sure you know where that comes into my outlook for the new year. ;)

  5. says

    I like your word, try says so many things. I will be stealing it:) but I won't tell anyone. I think as long as I try that is all that matters.

  6. Lizzy says

    I love that you chose “try”! That suits you and all you are 'try'ing to accomplish :). I inadvertantly chose “MORE”- mostly because I need to spend more time, energy, and focus on things I truly love. I need more passion, more inertia to get things that I want accomplished. My goal for 2012- to be more fulfilled, more enamored, more content.

  7. Susan-The Weekly Sweet Experiment says

    I love your word!! I can't think of a better one. Happy New Year – can't wait to see the DIY you try!

  8. Jill says

    Hi Adrianne,

    thanks for stopping by our blog. I like your word for the year – that's what we're forever telling our kids is the most important thing for them to do! I doesn't matter if they succeed or not – so long as they try!!

    my word for the year is 'use' – I'm going to make use of everything in our house – including things that have sat in cupboards or boxes for years! It'll give me a good chance to declutter and organise!

    Following you back!

  9. MrsFoxsSweets says

    I love your word for the year…fashionable late is fine, I just figured out my word today and it will be even later to the party…lol. I remember you being a little nervous about trying the sweet thing not to long ago and let me tell you girl your Oreo Pops are blowing away the competition so far this week at my Sweet Party! You *tried* and you are obviously a natural!

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