A Full Serving Of Fruit and a OneBar Giveaway!

Tracking PixelThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of OneBar.

If you read here often, you know I keep a pretty hectic schedule.  2 kids, yes.  But also a full time job, plus my fun time, jewelry-making, crafting, working to spruce up our new home (I’ll keep calling it new until we unpack all the boxes, haha) and writing.  There are just too many things in life I enjoy!  While we have definitely made strides toward healthier eating this year, there are plenty of times that’s easier said than done.  Like I’m not even lying when I say that lunch has consisted of a soda and a handful of crackers before.

*one moment while I hang my head in shame*

But seriously, it’s hard to eat right some days.  So when I find something like OneBar that’s a full fruit serving and perfectly portable, it’s awesome.  Because I have tried bringing fruit along.  If the soda and crackers weren’t enough, let me tell you another gem of a story.


I was on a mission a few weeks back to bring healthy snacks with me to work, and so I packed a banana in the morning.  Or so I thought.  When I got hungry, I checked my purse, and no banana.  Boo.  So I had to settle for a cookie from the break room, which was a bummer but hey, what can you do?

Oh but wait, that’s not the story.

Three days later, I was definitely smelling banana.  I looked and looked.  And no freaking banana.  I finally emptied my entire purse, and discovered at the bottom a black and smushy banana, getting banana slime all up in the seams of my new handbag.  It took me nearly an hour before I was satisfied that I had hand-washed it out of the liner.  Seriously, who LOSES a banana in her bag?   Me, apparently – I can’t even blame this on being a mom.

But the point I’m getting to is that, this is a much more exciting option for me.


No fruit slime involved.

It’s gluten-free, which is a big deal in our household with Kevin’s allergy, it doesn’t have added sugar, and it’s also nut-free in case that’s an issue for your family.  It’s got added chicory for fiber, and baobob which is an antioxidant-rich superfruit.  There’s actually a lot of really cool things about the baobob tree that you can read about on the OneBar website (like the fact that the trees are endangered and fair-trade sourcing protects them), and the OneBar is a full serving of fruit.


Because they are so perfectly portable, OneBar would love to see the places you take yours!  Share your photos on Instagram with them by tagging @theonebar.


Now I can give you all this info about OneBar, but none of that lets you taste it for yourself.  (Because let’s be honest, taste is the biggest factor, isn’t it?)  I thought they were awesome (my favorite is the cherry; Kevin loved the apple bar).  They are chewy and naturally sweet, so it tastes like a treat!  But because I can’t properly convey taste to you – OneBar is sponsoring a giveaway for three boxes free (one mango, one cherry, and one apple) to each of forty winners!

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You can enter now through June 19 at noon PST.  (Note, this giveaway is sponsored by OneBar, who will also be responsible for prize fulfillment.  Void where prohibited.)  Forty lucky winners will be enjoying free OneBar fruit bars, and checking out the great taste for themselves.  Get your entries in now, and hopefully you will be one of them!

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Can’t wait to see if you’ve won?  You can order OneBar now at a 25% discount!  Just visit their website, and enter code EasyFruit at checkout to get 25% off your order now through August 31, 2014.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of OneBar.

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  1. Doris Henson says

    I would eat one during a break while painting this summer. :) Loved your banana story…too funny! :)

  2. Aimee Campbell says

    Super convenient in the diaper bag! Just because I’m a stay at home mom doesn’t mean we stay at home :)

  3. Natalie Brown says

    Hi! I would take them to the beach and the pool. What a great snack to have while swimming. Thank-you!

  4. Tara DK says

    These sound perfect! I’m diabetic and a nanny, I can’t tell you how difficult it is to be sure I remember to bring snacks for myself, never mind something healthy ;)

  5. Pat schwab says

    They make special plastic banana holders now. I think I saw them at Walmart last summer. Had the same thing happen to a lunch box when my kid had it in warm weather in their locker. What a mess.

    • says

      Really?? I totally need that!! Although in this case, losing it for 3 days probably had more to do with it than the getting squished. :P

  6. Shirley says

    These sound yummy and i would love to win. Some times I would love to have just fruit and this would fit for me.

  7. Darlene says

    I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the product they look so fresh and full of fruit. I would fill my desk, purse, backpack….

  8. Sarah says

    I’d bring them with me on road trips–way better than anything I can find in a gas station!

  9. Jamie V says

    I would totally take these to work to eat while my coworkers are all eating chips and candy bars!

  10. Dana C says

    I would take them to work. During the work week I hardly eat anything and this would be perfect.

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