Eat Less By Packing Single Serving Snacks

Oh my goodness, what a week.  Like a lot of you – we’ve had SO much snow this week.  It’s been a little over 24 inches (and there’s more on the way this weekend). Boo! The long drives have really cut into my free time.  That means, meal plans have been thrown off, bedtimes have been later – our routine is all out of whack.  And when that happens, I admit it – I take shortcuts.  Maybe it’s fast food, or indulging in a candy bar (because I’m ravenous after having spent an extra hour in the car!) but I always feel so guilty about it afterward. I don’t even feel good after having a fast food meal. But I have to eat. What I’m finding, though, is that all I really need to do is take a few minutes to prepare.  So today’s tip is a very simple one: you can snack smart on-the-go anytime by packing nutritious treats ahead of time. Know it’s going to be a long car ride? Toss a single-serving snack in your purse before you hit the road!

When I don't plan ahead, I get too hungry.  That prompts me to eat more than I might have otherwise, or I stop for whatever's convenient.  But you can prevent this kind of overloading by packing some simple and calorie-smart snacks ahead of time.   Tossing a bag of mixed cereal and nuts in your purse or in your child's backpack can help them make smart choices when they get hungry.  You can keep cereal bars at your desk or in the car in case you get hungry.

Snack Smart with Kellogg's #GreatStarts

See, here's what happens to me.  I know I need to make it to lunchtime, or that I'm going to be hungry later.  So I make sure I get enough to eat - a lot of times, I eat extra - to prevent getting too hungry later.  It's like I'm somehow worried that I will starve before my break, or before I can go home for dinner, haha.  So I end up eating more than I'm hungry for, just to make sure I don't get hungry later, or too hungry by mealtime.  But that's silly - I'm eating too much just out of worry that I will be hungry... instead of waiting to see if I'm actually hungry and need a snack later.

So I've started making sure I have a snack available all the time.  Sometimes, I don't even need it.  (Sometimes, I am really, really glad I have it!)  But now at mealtimes, I can focus on a reasonable portion size.  There is no reason to do this "preventative eating" thing - not when I may not even get hungry, and certainly not when it's so easy to pack up a single-serving snack ahead of time.  I've been enjoying Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Cereal Bars at my desk on those days I end up a little more hungry.  And you know what?  I haven't been tempted to get a big fast food meal since I've been bringing snacks.  You wouldn't think that packing extra food would help you eat less... but it's been working really well for me!  Making sure I have a snack in the morning gives me a great start toward staying on-track all day.

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    That’s so true. taking a smart snack like this is way better than trying to eat more at a meal. I am a classic over-eater…even worse in pregnancy!!!

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    Since I have Type One Diabetes, I always HAVE to have a snack of some kind on hand. The few times I haven’t, I’ve scrambled and it’s really just not good :/ Great tips here- cereal isn’t usually my go-to, but those little packaged cups could be perfect!

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    I love Nutri-Grain bars – and you’re so right: having pre-portioned snacks is such a good way to control how much you eat for a snack!

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    Adrianne, I also need to have snacks at the ready or I’m filling myself with junk! Nutri grain bars are great to grab and go snack when you don’t have time to actually plan a snack! :)

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    Yup, another very helpful post! I really enjoy the Nutri Grain bars. First they are healthier than grabbing a candy bar or similar between meals. I also find that they’re filling to so I’m noticing that I’m not as hungry at dinner. Thank you Adrianne again for another informative post!

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