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Wish Bracelets at
Hand Stamped Spoon and Fork Garden Markers - Video Tutorial at
Classic Waffles
Glass Tile Tree Mosaic
Glass Map Necklace at

Vacation Day: Butterfly Outing

Family Butterfly Outing at

So I took a vacation day this week to handle some family business, to paint in my daughter’s room, and to spend time with my favorite people.  No, not you guys, sorry. ;) These guys: We took a trip to the butterfly exhibit that runs every spring.  You’ll notice miss Raya can’t even put her… Continue Reading…

Beaded Bar Connector Necklace

Easy Beaded Bar Necklace at

I’m loving this necklace so much that I’ve been choosing outfits to match it so I can wear it.  Is that crazy, given how much jewelry I make??  I just love these beads, I love the colors, and I love how it came together (and in just 10 minutes).  Okay, I’ll stop gushing “love” and… Continue Reading…

Ceramic Bead Layered Bracelet and an O and N Craft Supplies Giveaway

Ceramic Bead Layered Bracelet at

Good morning!  I’ve got a drool-worthy giveaway today from O and N Craft Supplies and the how-to for a fun and easy layered bracelet made from their craft cords and Greek ceramic beads.  Layered bracelets are one of my favorites to make, and the selection of beads at O and N is really beautiful.  Tina sent me a little shipment… Continue Reading…

Hand Stamped Spoon and Fork Garden Markers – Video Tutorial

Hand Stamped Spoon and Fork Garden Markers - Video Tutorial at

I put my herb garden together this weekend (and we already raided it for Sunday dinner) and thought I’d whip up a quick set of spoon and fork garden markers to go along with it!  If you read here often, you know I LOVE metal stamping.  It’s a quick technique for personalizing all kinds of… Continue Reading…

Crafty Hour Tonight – and a GIVEAWAY to Celebrate!

Crafty Hour 3.28.14 |8pm EST / 5pm PST on G+ Hangouts

In case you missed the original post or just need a reminder – Crafty Hour is happening tonight!  Tune in on G+ for a craft-along with live Q&A, hosted by Tara from Suburble and yours truly.  I want to share a few details of how to join us and what to bring! First: you can… Continue Reading…

Simple Heart Choker Necklace

I spotted these cute ceramic beads in an Etsy shop I worked with recently (I’ll bet telling you more about O and N’s ceramic beads next week – I got some really beautiful Greek beads from Tina’s shop), and knew exactly what I wanted to make – I’ve had an idea for a simple choker necklace… Continue Reading…

Arm-Knitting: Spring Infinity Scarf Video Tutorial

Arm Knit Spring infinity Scarf

Good morning!  It’s spring… well, sort of.  We still have snow falling this week.  But hey – that’s Michigan for you.  I know I’m a little biased toward northern accessories like a spring scarf (don’t laugh, all you readers down in Florida) but the truth is, a lightweight scarf like this one makes for a… Continue Reading…

It’s Baby Time! (A Great Baby Giveaway!)

It's Baby Time Giveaway

And let me clarify: no more babies for me, haha.  Don’t take that title the wrong way.  But are you a new mom, having a baby, or know someone else who is?  Because I’m teaming up with Little Inspiration today for a great baby essentials giveaway!  You can click the links below to read the… Continue Reading…

10-Minute Paper Bag Nest

Spring Crafts: 10-Minute Paper Bag Nest at

I love quick and easy crafts.  Today’s project only takes scissors, glue, and a paper grocery bag to make up a simple spring nest.  It’s a great kids’ craft!  My daughter loved helping me with this one, and she’s been watching her nest all week checking to see if her chocolate eggs have hatched.  I… Continue Reading…

Adventures in Photography, with Children

Arm-Knit Scarf at www.

I have to say, it’s nearly impossible to work on new skills with kids in the house.  I’m a total amateur photographer, I’m not afraid to admit.  But I’m working on it.  This is me, employing my self-portrait checklist. Daytime lighting, check.  Shirt that’s clean, check.  Nothing in my teeth, check.  Background prop to hide… Continue Reading…