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Wire Wrapped Faux Stone Polymer Clay Pendant at
Embossed Metal Bird-Themed Charm Bracelet at
Five Minute Leather Bracelet Tutorial at
Marble Beaded Bracelet with Sculpey Souffle Clay
Stoli Lemonade Cocktail at

Thoughts On Being A Family


Thank you State Farm, for sponsoring today’s post about my awesome family.  So you may have noticed a little bit of a shift around here lately.  I haven’t really come out and advertised it, but after a lot of discussion, I did something a little bit crazy.  Last month, I quit my day job. It’s… Continue Reading…

Snack Attack: Easy Brie Cheese and Apple Appetizer

Easy Brie Cheese and Apple Appetizer at

Okay, so this may look like a bit of a cheat… and it kind of is!  But I’ve got a snack we enjoy from time to time at our house that makes for an upscale twist on a cheese-and-cracker appetizer.  A bit of brie cheese with apples on crackers or crusty bread makes for a… Continue Reading…

Our Family’s Puzzle of Life, and a $100 Personal Creations Giveaway

Personal Creations Puzzle of Life and a $100 Giveaway at

Thank you Personal Creations for sponsoring today’s hour-or-less home decor project and giveaway! So, we’ve been in our house for almost exactly a year, now.  And do you think I’ve been on the home decor bandwagon?  Nope.  Only in my head.  I’ve been struggling to find something unique, something “us”… and something that will fill… Continue Reading…

Homemade Beeswax Lip Balm, Free Printable, Video Tutorial and Target Gift Card Giveaway

"Queen Bee" Homemade Beeswax Lip Balm Party Favors | Video Tutorial at

Thank you for sponsoring today’s hour-or-less project. Good morning, friends!  I’ve got a fun DIY for you today that is probably a lot easier than you think.  Have you made your own lip balm before?  I’ll be sharing the basic formula with you, the process, and also – how to truly make it yours… Continue Reading…

Jose Cuervo Iced Teagarita

Jose Cuervo Teagarita Cocktail at

Happy Friday!  I thought I’d celebrate the weekend by sharing a new cocktail with you – and this one is totally easy.  Pour.  Sip.  Repeat.  That’s about it.  You can garnish it with a bit of lemon if you like, but there is bliss in simplicity too – meet the new Jose Cuervo cocktail: The… Continue Reading…

Ultra-Easy, 2-Knot Ribbon Wrap Bracelet

Ultra Easy, 2-Knot Ribbon Wrap Bracelet With Charm at

I love sharing projects with you that are so easy, they feel like cheating – and today is one of those.  I’ve seen a lot of ribbon wrap bracelets around lately and took the plunge myself – spending all of about two minutes putting this one together!  Seriously, it took me longer to haul out… Continue Reading…

Spiral Clasp Wrapped Cord Bracelet

Spiral Clasp Wrapped Cord Bracelet at

Good morning!  I’ve got a simple design to share with you today that doesn’t take any weaving, beading, or even special techniques or tools.  If you can wrap and use glue, then you can make this bracelet.  It’s a fast project, which is always my favorite.  Here’s the two-tone design with natural cords, where the… Continue Reading…

5-Minute Tube Bead Bracelet

5-Minute Tube Bead Bracelet at

I’ve got a fun, fast design for you today, and all you need to know how to do is use tape, scissors, and glue to make one (or a few!) for yourself.  It’s great for stacking and layering because it’s simple and versatile, and you can seriously make one in about 5 minutes.  The beds… Continue Reading…

No-Pectin Peach Jam

Pectin Free Peach Jam with 3 Ingredients at

It’s been AGES since I made jam, and I’ve been wanting some lately!  I picked up some peaches the other day, and decided it was high time to make up some jam.  Now, the dilemma is always – I don’t need a huge batch.  I realize that canning and preserving makes your jam last for… Continue Reading…

Stoli Lemonade Cocktail, a Summer Getaway, and Let’s Meet Up In Traverse City!

Stoli Lemonade Cocktail at

This post brought to you by STOLI® Vodka. All opinions are 100% mine. Happy 4th, friends!!  I’m SO EXCITED for this weekend!  Okay, so it’s really no secret that I enjoy a nice cocktail when my husband and I get time away from the kids. We’ve got mini-getaway planned this weekend to Traverse City, and… Continue Reading…