Paperless Coupons at Walgreens: Savings on Quick Trips

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So, you guys know I work from home now, and I LOVE being home with the kids!  Emphasis on home.  Playing.  Even sweaty trips to the park.  I loathe taking them shopping by myself.  Kevin helps a ton – he will either stay home with the kids while I go, he will stop on his way home from work, or we will all go (which is much easier with 2 adults).  But, invariably, I will urgently need something while he’s at work at least once a week.  So, rather than make a big supermarket run, it’s a quick trip to Walgreens up on the corner.  And now, I’m really excited that they just rolled out paperless coupons – I can clip them on my phone, and show my balance rewards card to redeem them!

#WalgreensPaperless Coupons for Fast Trips and More Playtime #shop #cbias

Saving money is important to everyone, I know.  But I can barely get a shower with my two running around some days, let alone sit down and clip coupons.  With scissors, without anyone becoming interested in checking out sharp pointy things… Oh, and then actually remember to bring them with me to the store… seriously!  So the other day when we ran out of diapers (how does that even happen??) I didn’t have a coupon, but I had to go and buy some.  Like, urgently.  So I put one of Raya’s training pants on little mister, set Raya to the task of dressing herself, and took the next minute to check my Walgreens app and see if they had any diaper coupons.

#WalgreensPaperless Coupons for Fast Trips and More Playtime #shop #cbias


Taking two kids (or more) to the store with you may be something you other moms have mastered, but I’m new to the stay-at-home deal.  I just can’t hack it.  So we go to Walgreens because it’s close, it’s fast, and we don’t have a huge parking lot or store to maneuver.  Getting in the car is tough enough.

I don’t want to wear these shoes.
I’m hungry.
Can I bring my unicorn?
Can I have my window down?
Mama, Roman keeps looking at me!
Are we there yet?


#WalgreensPaperless Coupons for Fast Trips and More Playtime #shop #cbias

At least they’re well-behaved once we get there.

Seriously – all we needed was diapers, so we made our #CollectiveBias trip.  Raya (oh, and Sparkles the unicorn, you will note) helped grab a pack, and we zoomed through the checkout.  No digging for coupons (that I may or may not have left on the counter at home, ahem) – all I had to do was give the cashier my balance reward card to use any clipped coupons for products I was buying.

#WalgreensPaperless Coupons for Fast Trips and More Playtime #shop #cbias

I saved $2.50 on diapers and wipes, and we were back home in 10 minutes.  I got the pink bottoms off my poor son, and I refilled the diaper basket to tide us over until the big weekend grocery trip.

I would love to say, this will never happen again.

But it probably will.  *sigh*

#WalgreensPaperless Coupons for Fast Trips and More Playtime #shop #cbias

One diaper change later, we were back in business, doing important things like playing and laughing.

#WalgreensPaperless Coupons for Fast Trips and More Playtime #shop #cbias

Because yeah, saving money is important, especially now that we are on a tighter budget.  But more than that – the time is what means the most  to me.  It’s what made me drop the day job in the first place – to spend time with these guys, having fun.  But of course more time at home = less money, so finding a solution that helps in both areas is just plain awesome.

#WalgreensPaperless Coupons for Fast Trips and More Playtime #shop #cbias

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    Hey, you can’t blame a girl for bringing her unicorn to Walgreens. :) I’m still so happy for you now that you’re able to be HOME! And it’s great that Walgreens is so close and you can go paperless! Double score!

  2. says

    I can completely relate. I have 3 and even after doing this for almost 7 years, it scares me! I would much rather have backup… and dealing with paper coupons is out of the questions with 3 to keep an eye on. Glad you were able to score a deal on diapers! #client

  3. says

    Trying to wrangle my 5 kiddos and paper coupons is one of the reasons I had to stop couponing! It was either get rid of the kids or coupons so I could keep my sanity, I’m really excited about the paperless coupons maybe I will be able to use them again. lol

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