Planning My Kitchen Makeover with a New Delta Faucet!

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Well we are finally in the new house as of 2 weeks ago, and starting to really get settled!  (Let the DIY projects begin, right??)  I cannot believe how quickly our new house is already starting to feel like home.  It helps that the house was move-in ready – there really weren’t any major repairs we needed to do, but you know what I mean when I say some things need some updating.  We replaced some of the carpet already, which made a huge difference.  Next up: the kitchen definitely needs a facelift!

New Kitchen

I love the layout of our kitchen.  It’s not big, but it’s open, and there is so much more space to utilize than we had at the condo.  But the first negative thing we noticed about this house was the sad kitchen sink area.  We are also looking forward to replacing the flooring and the countertops to really change the look – but the sink is what we use every single day, and it’s priority #1 right now.  I (almost) wish I had taken a true “before” photo of the sink… after a few hours of bleach and scrubbing, we got an amazing amount of stains out (yes, feel free to be grossed out… I was), but the drains are still cracked and yellowing, and the white plastic is just NOT our style at all.  We really need to address this area first.

Planning my #DeltaFaucetInspired Kitchen Makeover at

So, we began the hunt for a new sink and faucet.  Enter Delta Touch2O Kitchen Faucet, and the interactive tool to help us find our style.


Kevin and I have never done any major decision-making together until now, with the new house.  (And I cannot even explain how much of a relief it is to find – our tastes are really similar so there is hardly ANY compromise!!)  So we started out on the website, talking about the features we liked and comparing the different models.

The interactive tool allowed us to check which features we liked best, including the pull-down handle and Delta’s Touch2O Technology.

Delta Touch2O Technology

The Touch2O Technology was something we knew we wanted.  A touch anywhere on the faucet activates water flow, so you can turn it on even with messy hands.  When you’re cooking, this will allow you to wash your hands properly before spreading contamination to other surfaces, which really appeals to me.  Because it’s so easy to turn on and off, you can also cut down on water usage – and water waste.  Another plus for our new city water situation!  The automatic shut-off also ensures that you (or your kids, or your spouse) don’t leave it running for more than 4 minutes.

We knew right away when the Linden faucet popped up in our results that we wanted it.  It’s always awesome when you just know it when you see it, right?  We did agonize for a few days trying to decide on the finish… okay my husband didn’t care, I guess *I* agonized, haha.  I finally settled on the Arctic Stainless.  We will be installing it to a new black granite sink!

Delta Touch2O Faucet

What I also found to be a fun feature on the Delta website was how easy it is to pin your quiz results!  I pinned a couple different faucets to my Kitchen Makeover board, where I’m already collecting ideas!  I’ll be talking about that in the next couple weeks… when I finally make up my mind on the rest of it, I mean!  We are *really* excited to start adding our own style to our home, and let’s face it: SO much time is spent in and around the kitchen.

Delta Touch2O Technology for your kitchen and bathroom is precisely in tune with your every touch. Take the quiz to learn which faucet style best describes you at

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    Adrianne, I LOVE your kitchen layout! You’ll be creating some amazing stuff in there! :)
    You can’t go wrong with a Delta faucet!

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    The faucet you picked out looks so chic and modern! Especially with black granite. Can’t wait to see an “after” pic when you have everything installed.

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