Potty Like a Rock Star with Pampers (Free Printable and a Giveaway!)

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My daughter is the most stubborn child on the planet, I swear.  We’ve been potty training FOR. EVER.  Then all of a sudden, she’s doing it on her own.  No help, no fuss.  No rewards.  No schedule.  Despite all the tactics we tried, she just wasn’t ready before.  So here’s my number one piece of advice if you’re embarking on potty training… especially if your kid likes to learn at her own pace, sometimes no amount of boot-camping will work.  Keeping the process positive is the key.  That’s what I focused on, and I’m so happy to say, we are FINALLY THERE.  Go Raya!


There are lots of approaches out there.  We did the no-pants thing (oy, fortunately, my carpet needs replacing anyway).  We did the reward system, and she cared about the stickers for all of about three minutes.  I got desperate and switched to M&M’s, but she would just go sit in the bathroom just to get a treat.  We tried getting her special undies, and she didn’t care – in fact, she was fine with wearing them wet.  We used the potty timer every hour on the hour, and all it did was make her cry.  So we finally stopped with the pressure, and let her do her own thing.  She knows the drill, she knows what to do.  And one day… she just decided she was going to do it.


Around the house, we keep things easy, and just let her hang out in her Pampers Easy Ups.  She’s been keeping them clean all day, which is awesome, and she’s so proud.  We tried a few different brands of training pants and found that Pampers is stretchier, so it fits more like real underwear.  They’re also more absorbent, which may not seem like a big deal for avoiding daytime accidents – but it makes a HUGE difference at night.  It’s awesome to use the same pants for both daytime and nighttime.  We can stay consistent, and my daughter loves to wear Dora the Explorer!

pampers easy ups image

Now, just because no single technique worked for my independent kiddo, doesn’t mean one of the classic approaches won’t work for yours.  Keeping things positive might mean something different to every kid out there.  For example – if your toddler loves taking pride in their accomplishments, I have a fun printable you can download and print at home for them to chart their progress!  Just add stickers (the little stars from the office supply section work great for this theme) each time they go (or try).

Potty Like A Rockstar Printable Potty Chart(Click to download the free printable in a new tab)

Want to learn more?  Join the fun and enter to win great prizes at the Pampers Easy Ups Twitter party on June 10th at 9pm EST.  To participate, just follow your hosts @DoubleDutyDivas, @BridgetteLA, @CeceliaMecca @AngieKcom @WhatMommiesNeed @RamblingChick, and our sponsor @Pampers.  You can RSVP and get more info by visiting http://twtvite.com/PampersEasyUps.

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You’ve got another chance to win right now, too – because Pampers is also sponsoring a great summer fun giveaway to a Happy Hour Projects reader, for you and your toddler!  Keep good habits going with a potty training pack of Easy-Ups, a portable training potty, and some other great summertime fun items.  These are just a few of the things one lucky winner will receive in the $100 Potty Training Prize Pack:


You can keep up with Pampers on Twitter and on Facebook!  Rafflecopter will walk you through how to get your entries in below before June 12th at 11:59pm EST – good luck!

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  1. says

    My 3 year old boy has a seat for the potty, a pourty and a potette. He also has Thomas undies, Cars undies and Bob the Builder undies. Will he wear or use any of them? NOPE! We made a deal with him when he kept kicking us in the face at the idea of wearing underpants that we’d go with the pull ups (btw: How did i not know that Pampers had easy ups? We’ve been rocking pampers for 3 years!) when he turned 3. Lo and behold the day of his 3rd birthday he went for the pull ups. now the deal is when we move in a few months he’ll try the potty. so far nothing has worked except waiting on his own time. he hates being naked. won’t go without pants. has a stash of stickers and manages to finagle treats with his cuteness. i’m just hoping all that accompanying me to the bathroom and the move will just make something click. I’m just happy that right now I don’t have to have him pee up against a tree! but, it’s coming. and I have to look up these pampers easy ups an compare! (not a huggies fan)

  2. says

    We are having the worst time potty training with Chase. He is stubborn and independent just like Raya. We have tried everything and I am pretty much desperate right now. So thank you for this printable and giveaway!

  3. Jessica Beard says

    We have just started potty training our son. He goes great first thing in the morning, but now we have to work on day time training.

  4. Amanda Hoffman says

    currently going through the process right now my son used to want to use it but now he doesnt want to.

  5. Jamie Brigham says

    I am having a hard time getting my son to finish potty training, He isn’t consistent with peeing on the potty. He has no problem the other way. I am considering trying my cheerios trick again by having him aim at them each time until he’s fully 100% there.

  6. Natalie Brown says

    Hello! I love that you came to the conclusion that she knew what to do and that she would do it when she was ready. My son is grown now with his own son who is just about to the age of starting to potty train. My tip is to just make it a natural thing. One way to do this is to be open about when you go in there. Leave the door open and let them know and see what you’re doing. Not always but you know what I mean. Thank-you for this useful giveaway!!

  7. Stacey says

    Im potty training my second child and we’re still in the beginning process, trying to get him to know when he needs to go.

  8. Rochel S says

    With my son I tried for a long time and it wasnt really going anywhere but once my son decided on his on that he was ready it went 1 2 3! so im trying that now with my daughter – waiting for her to be interested on her own.

  9. Jessica says

    I’m waiting for my daughter to show interest. I ask her all the time if she wants to go on the potty like a big girl and she tells me no. I’m hoping it is soon!

  10. Shanna says

    Been there with my oldest – My tip is to stay consistent and do not get stressed out.
    Starting round 2 with my twins shortly!

  11. Lilyana Cruz says

    my son is 2 years. So start now, will begin to take him to the bathroom every 30 minutes, get used to that and slowly learn. We require a lot of patience and perseverance!

  12. Em Ma says

    We’re right in the middle of potty training. We’ve found that lots of positive reinforcement and stickers as a reward work well for us.

  13. erin dear says

    I have potty trained two girls and currently a boy. I find that being consistent, giving praise and rewards are helpful.

  14. Dana C says

    We are just starting to potty train at this household. I must say I am NOT looking forward to it.

  15. says

    I am potty training my daughter. She wants to sit on the potty but when she gets up she pees and then it gets all over. I think she will get it earlier then my son. We had a heard time with him but now he is 5 and doing much better.

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