Adventures in Parenting: Potty Training

Tracking PixelHey friends! So we are in THAT phase – yes, potty training.  Some kids train easily and some do not… my little man is sadly in the latter group.  So I’ve been trying every trick and technique I can get my hands on, and we’re also working with today’s sponsor, Procter & Gamble, using their New Pampers Easy Ups.

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See, little man is SO laid back.  So laid back, in fact, that he will sit in a wet diaper.  He doesn’t mind.  So while he seems to be ready in every way – he’s smart, he understands the process, his body is ready… he is just not emotionally ready to make that jump.  It’s maddening, actually!  I took the potty training quiz with Pampers and Babies R’ Us to see if there was something I’m overlooking, but we are just at the stage where he is ready when he’s ready.  My daughter made the decision one day that she was ready to ditch the diaper, and I’m sure hoping my son’s day comes soon!

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It’s reassuring to know that over 10 million parents are preparing for (or already in the process of) potty training… and in fact, the average is 90 days before kids master it.  We’ve been working at it little by little since the beginning of summer.  Some kids catch right on!  And some – like my son – don’t want to do it every day.  But do you think he sends me a memo to know which day is which?  Of course not (as I cry into my coffee, haha).  So we have found that Pampers Easy Ups have been absolutely essential to his process, because we are a family on the go!  (Wait – no pun intended.)

Potty Training with New Pampers Easy Ups [AD] at

A lot of you know that I’m an artist on top of the creative endeavors I share here.  This week I’m part of an exhibition called ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Roman and I have spent a LOT of time downtown!  It has been SO much fun for both of us (and I LOVE that he’s so into art already!) But the trouble with that is – we aren’t always near a bathroom that’s open to the public.  It’s been warm, so hydration is also important as we walk all over.  You see where I’m going with this, don’t you?

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When he drinks that giant glass of water, I’m not sure if he’s going to be willing to try the potty, or if he will decide he’s too busy enjoying the art to take a bathroom break.  I don’t want him in a diaper, because I definitely still want him to try!  And we can reinforce that by using the Pampers Easy Ups, which give us precious insurance against the possibility of wet pants because of their leak coverage.  We tried a bargain brand of training pants first – and that was an absolute disaster.  Among the premium brands we’ve tried, looking for the right one – the Pampers brand is by far my favorite, because its looks and feels the most like real underwear, and it has never leaked on us yet!

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It’s so hard to drag him away from the new sights and the new people this week.  He has been an absolute CHAMP as my art buddy!  But he is still just 50/50 on the potty, so Pampers Easy Ups are saving us!  It’s hard to meet someone interested in your art, and chat with them about your process and your passion when you look over and have a kid with wet pants.  Instead, he sits next to me and cheerfully tells people to vote for my art. (Oh, particularly the good looking women. Little charmer.)

Potty Training with New Pampers Easy Ups [AD] at

He is SO proud when he does use the potty, too.  I am just looking forward to the day where I can expect more consistency.  Until then – we’re so happy with Pampers Easy Ups.

Potty Training with New Pampers Easy Ups [AD] at

Seriously, just look at this guy.  Right?

If you’re in the trenches with me, potty training, or if you’re going to be there soon, let me share a few helpful resources with you!

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Thanks for joining me on our family’s journey today, and I’ll see you all again soon!

Adrianne Surian

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  1. Sarah says

    I need this post today. My 3-year-old is resisting as well. She absolutely knows when she needs to go but prefers the diaper instead of the potty. I need to get my act together and set up the sticker chart! Thanks for the link and the giveaway!

  2. Kelly D says

    I let my kids choose their potty when they were training which made them more excited to use it.

  3. cindy says

    Aw first of all he is so cute and boy he looks so sweet . Some time boys take a little longer than girls . by youngest was my worst but he was also the baby of the family but his son my grandson we are training now is doing pretty good he is 2 but i agree with you it all has to do when their ready also just letting you know i preorder your last book off amazon and got it early i really love it going to start buying the tools to start stamping it the best book i ever bought for learning how to stamp thank you for writting it have a great day

  4. Sara L. says

    My son is the same way. He will sit in a wet diaper rather than use the potty. We’ve tried all sorts of rewards, but haven’t found the right one yet. I guess, we just have to wait for him to be ready!

  5. says

    This was great, I will share this with my sister who is potty training right now! I’m sure she’ll find your post helpful, especially the resources you listed. Thanks!

  6. says

    Great post! I was just at Art Prize this weekend too! Which art work was yours? I hope you saw the exhibit with all of the toilets! I really like how you worked in your links and all of the precious photos of your son. Go Pampers!

  7. Elena says

    My tip is to be consistent. Don’t go back to using diapers once you started to use potty

  8. ChelseaW says

    Having a hard time with my 2-year-old at the moment so this post was what I needed to read. Just keep reminding myself that we will get there! Your son is a cutie btw!

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