Red, White & Blue Wrap Bracelet

I love July 4th.  It’s really my favorite.  It’s fireworks and parades and barbecues, seeing family, taking a day off work… popsicles and watermelon – everything that embodies summer!  And over the weekend, I was picking up a cute little flag top for Raya when I realized I don’t have anything patriotic to wear.  So I thought I’d remedy that with a patriotic wrap bracelet.

I opted to use seed beads and waxed cotton twine – I know it doesn’t sparkle and shine the way some people make their wraps, but it keeps the cost way down, which I think is important for seasonal pieces.  Depending on what you keep on-hand, this should be something you can make for $5 or less.

I did a tutorial on making this style bracelet last month, so if anything looks confusing, then definitely check out the tutorial on the stone and leather bracelet I shared.  But it’s a very simple thing to make – it only looks complicated.  Let me show you!

What you’ll need:
Size 6/0 seed beads
Twine – cotton, hemp, or even leather all work well
Button for closure
Thread and a needle with a narrow eye

First, I decided on three wraps, one for each color.  My wrist is 6 1/2″, and I strung 7″ of beads for each color.  If you want more wraps, or if your wrist is smaller or larger, you may want to make an adjustment.  With 21″ of beads and the closure, plus a little extra length to work, I cut a string of twine 50″ long to start.

Double your twine, so you are working with a 25″ doubled piece.  Tie an overhand knot in the center to fit your button closure.  Make sure the button fits through before continuing.

The easiest way I have found to work is to clip the end on my clipboard.  You could also pin it on a pillow or the arm of the couch – wherever you like to work.

Tie your thread onto your twine.  I just tied it to one side, using a lark’s head knot, although do what you’re comfortable with.  You will want to work with doubled thread so that it’s strong enough.  I like to work from the left to the right, so I tied it to the left.  If you’re more comfortable starting on the other side, then you’ll want to reverse my directions.

Thread a bead on, and pass your needle under your right strand of twine.

Pass your thread over the top of the right strand, and pass the needle back through your bead, going under the left strand now.  It’s sort of a figure eight.

You’ll be going under each strand and over the top, passing through each bead twice before moving on to the next bead.  Once you get a couple of beads threaded, you will find they line up pretty evenly between the two strands of twine.

Now – keep going until you have 7″ of your first color (if you’re planning to do a tri-color, three layer wrap). For me, that was 46 beads – not many at all if you have some seed beads on-hand.  If you run out of thread, all you have to do is tie a new piece to your old piece – the seed beads should have a large enough hole to accommodate your knot.

After 7″, change colors.  I did white next.  Then, 7″ later, switch to red.  Once you have 21″ of beads, tie the thread securely to the right strand.

Now, tie off the ends of your twine with an overhand knot.  I tied my thread into this knot before trimming it off.  It may not be necessary, but it seemed like the best way to secure and hide my thread.

Now, thread your ends through your button for the closure.

I triple-knotted it to secure it.  You can also add a dot of glue if you are nervous about it coming undone.  I left some short tails to keep it from coming undone, but you could trim it off if you would rather.

Then, just wrap it up – and it’s ready to wear!  It’s a super easy bracelet once you get the hang of threading it, and it’s a really impressive piece for how little work it takes.  I know I’ll be making more. ;)

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~ Adrianne


  1. Terry says

    I need a clipboard, lol. This turned out so cute. I could totally get into a red and white one for Canada Day. Great tutorial.

  2. (Queenmothermamaw) Peggy says

    Wonderful. As I have told everyone that I have learned from today, I make all my families Christmas gifts. With lots of granddaughters this is perfect to add to my new things to make. I keep all these items in my stash box. Thanks.

  3. Jessica Duncan says

    So adorable! I always wondered how to do these! I'll be making a ton of them now for cute summer stacking bracelets! <3

  4. Carri says

    This is just adorable… I love this… gonna hafta pin this one…

    Thank you for linking up to the ALL STARS BLOCK PARTY!!!


  5. says

    I saw this on a 4th of July roundup and just had to pin it. I hope you’ll share your best post of the week on my Friday Flash Blog Linky Party going on ALL weekend at The Jenny Evolution.


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