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I have a treat for you today from a fellow jewelry designer, Lee Brigham from RockStoneTreasures!  This is one of my new favorite Etsy shops, I LOVE her handmade pieces.  Let me tell you a little about Lee!

Lee is a self-taught designer who is inspired by her love of beautiful, bold color and unusual color combinations. She works out of her home studio designing collections of contemporary bohemian jewelry with a bit of a retro twist. She confesses to having a rather serious bead addiction and will make up just about any excuse to go shopping to add to her massive collection. Her jewelry can be seen online in her Etsy shop, RockStoneTreasures.

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Let me show you a few of my favorite designs from Lee’s shop.  You’re going to LOVE them.

Rockstone Treasures giveaway at

Are you drooling?  I sure am – the earth tones and mixed media she uses in her designs are exactly my style.  She even designed a brand new bracelet for a special giveaway today to a Happy Hour Projects reader!

Rockstone Treasures giveaway at | Enter through December 22, 2013

Teal Blue Bohemian Glass Bracelet – Retail value $54.00

Made with glass rectangles that have a warm Picasso finish along the edges, Miyuki glass seed beads and a chunky bronze curb chain. It’s finished with a bronze lobster claw clasp.

I may just change my mind and ask her to send it to me, instead – I LOVE the colors and textures in this mixed media piece, and you all know I’ve got a thing for bracelets!  Okay, okay… one of you lucky readers can have it.  I suppose you all deserve it for being so awesome.  And Christmas is coming.  I hear you’ve been good this year… well, most of you, anyway. ;)

So here is the scoop.  Rafflecopter will walk you through the ways to get your entries in.  U.S. residents age 18 and up are eligible to enter (void where prohibited, of course) and you can enter today and every day through Sunday, December 22 at 11:59 pm EST.  Good luck!

Rockstone Treasures giveaway at | Enter through December 22, 2013

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  1. Ilene says

    I love classic timeless styles, and really am drawn to jewelry with beautiful natural stones. Thanks so much for the great giveaway! Ilene

  2. Jules says

    I like modern jewelry but also nature inspired pieces. Bracelets are my favorite and I really like all colors but really love all hues of blue.

  3. rosalind berthelot says

    I love the beaded bracelets and the short earrings. I can see myself wearing them now.

  4. says

    Thanks for another great giveaway, AND someone new to follow on Pinterest! I like her style- where oh where does she get her beads?!

    -Heather R., the Real Leopardstripes

  5. Kim Cowgar says

    I’m usually drawn toward simpler pieces of jewelry and silver, blues and greens but I do love how different sizes and shapes can give a piece texture and subtle complexity

  6. Robin says

    Wow, I think those are some of the prettiest jewelry pieces I have seen in a long time, great colors and designs.

  7. rayraycartucci says

    I have a very mixed up style…I love pearls and very delicate jewelry and at the same time I love bold colors and really big earrings! Jewelry makes me feel special…It always cheers me up. I don’t care for expensive jewelry very much…I just go by my own taste.

  8. says

    This bracelet is beautiful. It is made with my favorite color of blue. It would make a wonderful Birthday present for me…lol…December 19th in case you want to send me a wish! : )

  9. Gloria W says

    i like the necklaces and the bracelets, my favorite color is turquoise. my style is gypsy.

  10. Lorayne Gothard says

    I love all the colors, and how you can personalize jewelry to fit your personality.

  11. Christine says

    I make and sell all kinds of jewelry, but my favorite to work with and wear is vintage jewelry

  12. Katie says

    I love a mix of colors and textures, especially when they are nature-inspired. My favorite type of jewelry to wear is bracelets, but also necklaces and rings.

  13. Mary Hall says

    I love jewelry that has a connection to a person or memory. This Christmas I’ve asked my three adult kids to each get me a simple silver bracelet that I can wear all together to remind me of my kids. (Each kid is living in another state.)

  14. patricia says

    I love the colors she uses, especially with the darker metals. I like to use natural gemstones as much as possible.

  15. Maria Dina says

    The interesting mix of color, metals and patterns…make the creators designs stand out from other crafters! Love it!

  16. susan says

    I like different types of jewelry–really whatever catches my eye, but I love to wear necklaces!

  17. Debbie Jackson says

    I am eclectric and like a variety of styles. I love earrings, necklaces etc stones and pearls and wood an beads.

  18. Jennifer R. says

    My favorite piece of jewelry to wear is great earrings. I think I have more of a trendy spirit when it comes to earrings. I like big earrings and wearing unusual styles.

  19. Jenna Freeman says

    I love bright and bold colored pieces. I tend to rock a lot of jewelry and go all out with my style. I love wearing pieces that stick true to my fun personality :)

  20. Carla Hill says

    I love so many different things about this bracelet, but what I love most is that it is of the color teal, which is the Colorado for ovarian. Cancer awareness. My sweet baby sister died of ovarian cancer. I was thinking of her earlier tonight. I would think of her and all of other women who have faced it and those who still do.

  21. Kathie says

    I just recently got into wearing jewelry other than my daily staples of my watch, wedding ring & promise ring. I like necklaces, bracelets and rings but I don’t wear earrings. I wish I had never gotten my ears pierced since I don’t wear earrings. I figure no one can see them because of my hair :-)

    Jewelry really can elevate an outfit!

  22. Lora W. says

    I love all styles of jewelry, modern and boho are my faves. Bracelets are my obsession.

  23. Glenda Bivona says

    OMG===I just love this style and bracelets are my secret hoarding favorite! Thanks for the chance to win.

  24. Jennifer Pellicone says

    My favorite jewelry is ALWAYS is the colors pictured above. Jewel tones! I wear earrings always and necklaces and bracelets as time and fasion allows!

  25. Amy says

    I love vintage costume jewelry (especially if it came from my grandmother or great-grandmother), and necklaces are my favorite to wear. Thank you!

  26. rose says

    My taste is usually very classic and will go with everything so I usually get blacks, whites, browns, blues, and pinks. I would love to go for the fun colored exciting jewelry but they usually don’t match my clothing. I like earrings and rings. ambrerose at(aol) dot(com)

  27. janetfaye says

    I love bracelets. I like semi precious stones, and leather wraps.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  28. says

    I love to wear bracelets in the summer. Rarely does a summer day go by that I don’t wear at least a half dozen bracelets. Less so in the winter since long sleeves don’t work with bracelets, but they are my favorite. In the winter, I just try to make sure I remember to put on a necklace and earrings every day and I feel like I’m winning the game of life.

  29. says

    Most of the time I like simple, classic pieces. But I love jewelry of all kinds. My favorite colors are any shade of blues. I also like turquoise. =0)
    Thanks for the chance.

  30. Marija says

    I love jewelry that is made of natural objects, and I prefer natural, earthy colors as well.

  31. Sharon Siqueiros says

    I like all sorts/styles of jewelry. I wear alot of silver and have a left wrist full of bracelets I haven’t taken off for 20+ yrs. I do prefer artisan made pieces, otherwise anything goes.

  32. says

    I love that jewelry adds a bit of bling to your outfit. You can completely change the look ofa piece just by adding a necklace or a pair of earrings.

    And I love turquoise jewelry. Always will. :)

  33. Sue S. says

    I love all kinds of jewelry. I’m not into just one type of style. I love to compliment my outfit with necklaces, pins, bracelets etc.

  34. Lenda C. says

    The colors in this bracelet are so perfect together. I appreciate the chance to win it, but also learning about this artisan and her products!

  35. Rhonda N says

    I love how jewelry can accessorize your style in so many different ways and can be an artistic expression of the look you want. I chose jewelry according to my mood and/or the look I am trying to achieve. I like a diverse collection of jewelry and like all styles but tend to lean toward vintage and bohemian. I love unique and unusual pieces. I prefer blues, teal, turquoise, purples and black, but I also like the diversity of all colors.

  36. Kimi says

    I like jewelry with naturel elements to it! I love handmade pieces, which includes making pieces myself. I love, love, love moon stones and opal but really like all kinds of gemstones! My favorite type of jewelry would have to be a three way tie between: necklaces, dangley earrings and anklets!


  37. Mary Helene says

    Necklace/earrings are my favorite and blue is my favorite color. I love hand made pieces.

  38. Jennifer P - Vicki Furrin on Rafflecopter says

    I don’t have a particular jewelry style. It’s whatever appeals to me. I do prefer siler to gold though, don’t particularly like diamonds, love a classic strand of pearls, rarely wear rings and then I really only like silver bands, wear a toe ring and love ankle bracelets and earrings. Thanks for the giveaway.

  39. Sonya says

    I love jewelry that incorporates nature, especially sea glass, wood, and crystals (and other stones that have spiritual/healing properties). I want things that look beautiful but also have great energy, so i feel good wearing them. I really only wear jewelry to enhance and express how I’m feeling. It’s far less about matching my outfit.

  40. Chelcie L. says

    I love earrings and I’m partial to silver because it goes with nearly everything, I don’t know about style but I think I’m more classic than modern but definitely not trendy.

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