Sassy Headband

You know, I thought I was relatively fashionable, but it seems maybe I am not.  My cousin’s birthday party is tomorrow and I have just been stumped all week trying to think of a cute-little-something to gift her.  I know what *I* like… but alas, she is half my age.  Which makes me not want to say which birthday this is… but I doubt this young lady is going to pass for 12.

Yeah.  Happy 16th Birthday, Morgan. :) 

Now since I’m such a fan of embellishment, and Miss Morgan has such gorgeous hair, I came to the conclusion that maybe she could use some sassy headbands.  This is one of a few little girly things I’m putting into her craft-tastic birthday basket. In case she peeks at my post yet today, this is all I’m going to show off for now!

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Now I like the baby trend out there with the interchangeable bands-and-bows.  My daughter has about six thousand bows (yeah, that probably tells you a lot about me right there).  I also like the idea that if I’m terribly misguided on my idea of just what a lovely young lady might enjoy, interchangeable clippies can still go into ponytails or be fastened onto just about anything.  Flexibility as always a good quality when you really don’t have a good grasp of someone else’s style (despite stalking their facebook all afternoon for ideas – yes, dear, that was me).

Sassy Interchangeable Headband

Time: One hour for a basic band and a couple clippies.  But once you get going, you will probably want to keep making stuff – fair warning.

Supplies for the band:

  • One ladies’ headband
  • A few inches of coordinating ribbon
  • Hot glue gun

 Additional supplies for various clippies:

  • Alligator clips (available at beauty supply stores or most craft stores)
  • Felt for securing the clips with hot glue
  • Scraps of fabric, coordinating ribbon, buttons, beads, yarn, etc.

I will show you a couple of the clippies I whipped up, but the possibilites are really endless.  Any embellishment can work, as long as your trusty glue gun has plenty of glue and you can attach an alligator clip. 

Heat up your glue gun and wrap a few layers of ribbon around one side of your headband, somewhere above the ear but not quite at the top.  Glue it on, using glue on the head-side/inner side.  The outer side needs to be open so that the clips can slip on and off.

Seriously, that’s it for the headband step.

Now on to the fun part. 

What’s cool about making this interchangeable is that you don’t have to be nervous about creating something bold.  I know a lot of us have basic black and brown.  Maybe something in a color we wear often.  But because it’s so easy to change it up, then have fun with it! 

As I was digging into my supplies (because responsible mamas promise their husbands that they will try to use up what they already have), I found a couple pink rosettes leftover from a previous project.  I thought the two of them paired together would make a nice clip.  Here’s a photo from when I made them (note, the glue is plenty dry by now). :P

Now I really don’t know what colors Morgan favors, so I went to work with what I had close-to hand.  I whipped up another fabric rosette in orange, because they’re quick and easy and I JUST LOVE THEM.  For some added color depth, I also added a few two-inch scraps of a lighter shade of orange onto my strip as I twisted and wound it. 

Next I thought I’d try a different style.  This one is my favorite.  For this flower (ok, apparently I really just like flowers) you need 2 sizes of circles.  I like to use a cup to trace – the mouth is bigger than the base, so that gives me 2 sizes. 

I really don’t know what size circles, maybe like 3″ and 4″?  I did 3 of the bigger ones in different shades, and 4 smaller.  I also use a fabric-covered button for the center (I love, LOVE covering buttons.  It’s ridiculous, really.)

Now, I trim the circles down into 8 petals. My camera didn’t like the lighting in my kitchen (sorry mamas, it’s just been too hot for me to open the blinds on those west-facing windows in the evenings!) so I will show you where I made my cuts:

Then I rounded each end of the 8 petals.  I stacked up the big ones on top of each other.  I only wanted the red to just peek through, so I put it in the middle.

?Then I folded the smaller ones in half and arranged them in a circular pattern, overlapping each other:

Then I stacked the small ones on top of the big ones, and stitched them by hand in the center to secure them.
Finally, I added my fabric-covered botton on top and stitched it in place.  Feel free to use a regular button or some beads – whatever you like the looks of!
?Then I thought I needed something basic white.  I wanted it round and ruffly, so I cut some small circles out of a white cotton.  Honestly, I just folded it up a bunch of times and cut once, ending with 16 circles about 2″ in diameter.
Now, you CAN just fold each circle in half, but I find it ruffles better if you sort of pucker it up before placing your center stitch.
Then just hand-stitch through that point in the center. 
Keep adding folded circles until it’s as full-looking as you like.
Tadaa, pile-of-flowers.  Now, attaching the alligator clips works the same for all of them. 
First – glue a piece of felt onto the back of your flower.  Then cut a second piece of felt that will secure the clip. 
Glue the side of the clip that will be attached to the flower to the felt to make sure it’s secure.

Then, cover the whole piece of felt with glue, and glue it to the felted backside of your flower.

Do this with all your clippies.  Let them dry, and you’re done! 

Did you make any of these?  I’d love to see them, send me your links!!  Maybe you can give me some ideas and inspiration!

~ Adrianne


  1. claudia b says

    this is really, really cute, and i love that you can change them up – thanks for sharing and visiting my blog :D i'm your new follower.

  2. Cheap Furniture Burbank says

    How cute is this?!? I'm going to make these for my nieces! They will absolutely love them :D

  3. DGMommy Tamara says

    Very well done tutorials! Even an anti-crafter like me might be able to pull it off. As long as my 5-year-old helps! She's great and craft-crazy!
    Following you from Welcome Wednesday!

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