Sea Glass Wire Wrapped Earrings from NorthShore Days

Hey Everyone,
I’m Natalie and I blog over at NorthShore Days where I share jewelry, crafts, tutorials, DIY, photos and funny stories about my loud sweet family.
 I love anything beachy and I’m lucky enough to live very near to the beach on the beautiful North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand.

  I’m so excited to be here at Happy Hour Projects, thank you Adrianne for having me….

We are headed into Summer here in New Zealand (love pointing that out!), so I want to share my latest beach inspired jewelry tutorial with you all today

These sweet earring are so easy to make, once you start, you wont be able to stop….trust me!
 What you will need for 1 pair of earrings:
2 long headpins, 2 hooks, beads ( I used 2 seed beads and 2 glass beads)
A pair of long nosed pliers and a pair of round nosed jewelry plies.
You could totally make these earrings without the round nosed pliers if you don’t have any.

How to Make the Earrings: 
(following the step by step photos)
1. Thread the beads onto a long headpin.
2. Bend the headpin at a 90 degree angle.
3. Using the round nosed jewelry pliers bend the headpin back around to form a loop.
4. Twist the wire of the headpin around the loop once.
5. start another twist,  but instead of going around the loop, pull the wire across the bead, towards the bottom bead.
6. Twist the tail around the seed bead.
7. Using the long nosed pliers, tighten the end of the wire to the seed bead.
8. Open the earring hook and slip on the wire wrapped bead.
9. Voila  – your earring is complete…. repeat steps 1-8 for the second earring.

How simple were those to make? So easy right?

I actually made 4 pairs in under an hour.
It also depends a little on your skill level, obviously if you’re a beginner it will take a little longer for you to “whip” up a dozen of these. 
But what’s so great about them, is that ANYONE can make a pair!

You can use any type and shape of bead for these earrings and they will still look cute…
And of course I couldn’t resist a beachy photo shoot…. love my beachy props!

I really hope you enjoyed my tutorial and I hope I inspired you to try something new today
If you enjoyed this post – please pop on over to NorthShore Days, say hi and check out my other super easy jewelry tutorials.


 Thank you again Adrianne, 
Take care everyone,



  1. 4 You With Love says

    This is a great tutorial…thanks for sharing, Natalie and Thanks to Adrianne for introducing us to Natalie!

  2. Kadie says

    How pretty! I have wondered how to bend the wire around stones like that! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful tutorial and your beautiful jewelry.:)

  3. Sherry says

    These earrings are so lovely! Natalie makes the best jewelry and gives wonderful tutorials that make it easy for someone to make their own too. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Terry says

    Oooh, these are so pretty, and the technique actually looks easier than I might have thought.

  5. Mary Neumann says

    I LOVE these earrings and it's such a great tutorial, I think I could actually make them! Great Guest Post! Natalie makes most beautiful jewelry and has awesome tutorials! Looking forward to adding to my NorthShore Collection!

  6. Natalie says

    Thank you so much for having me Adrianne and thank you to everyone for your awesome comments – I hope you try these easy earrings, a great gift for the holidays xx Nat

  7. says

    Love those earrings so much!!! I have some sea glass here and I’d like to make myself an earring like this. Thanks for sharing this easy and wonderful tutorial.

  8. says

    This is a good start for me. I’m alone here now and I’ve got nothing to do. I’ve seen some beautiful sea glass pieces in a bottle. Glad to have come across your page.

  9. kfairyb says

    You have really inspired me with your easy-to-make and easy-to-follow tutorials!

    Thanks so much!

  10. says

    Hi Adrianne,
    In line with your copyright policy, I’m going to include one photo of this tutorial along with links and full credit back to this website in a post that will go live on Thursday the 23rd. It’s part of a series of posts on all types of crafts that encourage us to drink more water and that help us appreciate clean rivers, lakes, and oceans. I hope you check it out! Thanks…

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