Setting Your Thanksgiving Table: Flashpoint Candle Review

I got something amazing to add to my Thanksgiving table this year.  Have you heard of Flashpoint Candle?  They have beautiful, multi-wick artisan candles, and when I say beautiful – just take a look! This is the Bennett, in Ocean blue:

There are several multi-tone colors and sizes to choose from at Flashpoint Candle:  The 9″ Saxon, 12″ Bennett, 15″ Hamilton, and the 20″ Beauregard.  (There’s also a great selection of pillars and floating candles.)  These candles are hand-poured into one-of-a-kind, drip-glazed ceramic bowls, and have several wicks.  They melt evenly and they give off a gorgeous glow.

Drea at Flashpoint Candle is also wonderful to work with if you have questions about your candle, its care, or the process.  She says of her candles: “I love being creative and enjoy watching vision come to life. It’s the best part of my contribution to FlashPoint Candle.  My daily philosophy is to incorporate design and creative flow into the every day routine.”  This pride in each piece is evident from the design, to the quality, to the excellent packaging – right down to the hand-tied ribbon when you open it.  I was nervous about receiving my candle by UPS… in my neck of the woods, they aren’t exactly known for being gentle.  But it was double-boxed with an insulating layer, and arrived pristine.

Aside from the looks – what else I really like about this candle is that it’s available unscented!  So to be able to enjoy this as a centerpiece without the scent competing with the smells coming from the oven was perfect for our house.  Some scents – especially strong scents – aren’t for everyone.  If you entertain, there’s no worry that anyone might not enjoy your choice of fragrance.

I know you may be wondering how I can claim that it makes such a great Thanksgiving centerpiece since Thanksgiving hasn’t arrived yet – so I’m going to admit a big, bloggy secret.  Okay, I’m sure it’s no secret… when I realized how many recipes I wanted to share from our table, I pitched the idea of a pre-Thanksgiving date to my husband, and made everything in one day.  (Yeah – there was zero arm-twisting involved, as you can imagine.)

We did it up right, and I even cooked turkey!  It was an awesome day.

Yes, that’s me, unable to stay out of the carrots.  LOL.  Stay tuned for some of my favorite recipes in the coming weeks!

Note: I was sent the Bennett Candle from Flashpoint Candle for free so that I could try it out and share my honest opinion of it with you.


  1. Kadie says

    Holy cow that is a beautiful candle!! It looks perfect on your table. You and your dinner look fantastic too!:)

  2. Kelley says

    I love the candle! But.. why wasnt I invited to dinner?? Lol.. everything looks delicious Adrianne! :)

  3. Ami Allison says

    Gorgeous!! Seriously, that is a beautiful candle! I'm going to have to check them out. You look too adorable btw! :)

  4. Camille Gabel says

    Those are so pretty. And I LOVE that it comes unscented! Those are nearly impossible to find!

  5. illistyle says

    Beautiful candle. I love that they have unscented ones (my husband & daughter is are sensitive to scents) and once the candle is burned down that bowl would be beautiful filled with fruit.

  6. Terry says

    That is such a pretty candle. Can you use it as a bowl after the candle has been used? I agree with Kadie that you and the dinner look fabulous.

  7. Pam says

    Love the candle! I went to their website and looked at their selection. There are some really pretty candles there.are a lot of really pretty candles there. Thank you for the opportunity to win one of them!

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