Showcasing a Gift and the Retro Pillow Challenge!

You know what, mamas? I miss my sewing machine, LOL! It’s been a *whole week* since I have gotten her out. I’ve been busy in the kitchen and working on some other projects lately. Yes.  Me.  In the kitchen.  I can hardly believe it myself. :)

I do have something to share today, though, last night I made a necklace as a little gift for my friend’s daughter.

Do you like it?  I am LOVING metal stamping! (You’ll find this design in my Etsy shop too – come on, I have to toss in just a little self-promotion!) And do you know how hard it is to photograph something shiny? :P

I do have a sewing project in the works, though, and it should rekindle my relationship with my lovely Miss Ella Stitchgerald. Have you heard the buzz about the Retro Pillow Challenge? Keren at Sew la Vie! and Rikka at Ricochet and Away! are hosting, and there’s still time to enter!  Entries are due by September 30, so there are still 9 days left.

We’ve got a nice little discussion group going (which I am almost a hypocrite to mention, since I haven’t been doing much discussing until yesterday! Sorry ladies!) a photo pool of our works-in-progress, and all kinds of tools and tutorials for applique and quilting on a small scale (for example… a 20″ square pillow with a retro pattern). It’s a great way of trying something new without committing to a whole quilt, if you haven’t quilted and/or appliqued before.

If you want in, follow the button below, and Keren or Rikka will hook you up!  Prizes are strictly bragging rights and a nifty winner badge for your blog – it’s a no-pressure social challenge with a fantastic group of ladies.  The more the merrier!  In my mind, I feel like it’s the virtual equivalent of one of my Gram’s sewing bees waaaay back in the day – chatting, gossip, getting to know each other – oh, and a little bit of sewing for good measure.  ;) Join us!

I will be posting my entry soon… so stay tuned for that. Ella, we have a date tonight… :)

I link to these fabulous parties!


  1. Kadie says

    Your necklace is so beautiful!! And you totally freaked me out about the pillow challenge! I hadn't thought of it only being 9 days away. Man have I got some work to do!

  2. Amy says

    I'm glad you blogged about our quiet pillow group! :) I loved that you compared us to a group of granny's getting together to quilt -sooo true! Can't wait to see everyone's finished projects!

  3. Ricochet says

    9 days! Eek! I'm glad (kind of!) that you put it into perspective! Look forward to seeing what you come with. The stamped metal necklace is very cool!

  4. Working Mommy says

    I do love the stamping – especially when it has a pearl or other jewel…looks very classy!


  5. Tory says

    I am a new fan and a follower of your blog. I LOVE this necklace! I am new to stamping and am in the process of acquiring supplies. I will definitely be stopping by your etsy shop to buy some stuff :) … I would love it if you visit my blog as well:

  6. Jacki says

    I LOVE your necklace! Metal stamping is so cool, and I adore the way you added a sweet little pearl!

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