Simple Layered Leather Bracelet

If you read here often you know that first of all, I love making jewelry, especially bracelets.  You may also notice I love the layered look!  Today’s project is really simple – it’s just beading and gluing, with no special techniques necessary.  I used leather and a few different colors and textures of beads to create this look.

Simple Layered Leather and Bead Bracelet at

I got a special care package from Goody Beads that allowed me to design this project for you guys for free, and I’m going to link below to the products that I used in case you’re interested in making this bracelet design for yourself.  Here’s what you will need:

  • 1 meter (about 3 feet) 1mm round leather.  I opted for turquoise, but any spring color would look awesome!
  • Czech Glass O-Beads – I cannot believe I’ve never played with these beauties before.  They’re like little glass discs, and they are lovely.  I got jet black with an AB finish (AB stands for Aurora Borealis, it’s that shiny iridescent look).
  • Size 6/0 Seed beads in a couple colors, these are a clear AB and a gunmetal color
  • Silver spacer beads – mine are from my stash and are about 4mm, just make sure you’re getting something with a hole slightly larger than 1mm
  • Glue-on 5mm end caps – you need a pair
  • Jewelry glue
  • Clasp – I used an S-hook clasp, though use whatever style you prefer!

First, cut your leather to six 6-1/2 inch lengths.  If you’re using 1 meter of leather, this should be almost exactly 6 equal lengths of leather.  (We’re aiming for a 7-inch bracelet, and the end caps and clasp will add a little length.)

Simple Layered Leather and Bead Bracelet at

Add a couple drops of glue to your 5mm end cap, and glue your strands into the cap.  Allow it to dry for about 5 minutes.  It’s quick, but it’s not quite instant!  Next, start adding beads to your strands.  The O-beads will be a snug fit, and will keep all your other beads from clumping together on one end or another, though they will slide.

Simple Layered Leather and Bead Bracelet at

You can add as many or as few as you like.  I generally add beads about 1/4 of the length of cord, and repeat the beading on each strand.  I really like the random look, personally, though you can create any pattern that suits you.

Finally, arrange your strands so that they’re not twisted, if necessary.  Trim them all to the same length (I find mine are off by a fraction of an inch sometimes, and trimming them even helps finish it).  Glue on your second end cap, and allow to dry.  Finally, attach your clasp!

Simple Layered Leather and Bead Bracelet at

You’ll see that I slid most of the beads to one end in the photo above – that’s so I wouldn’t lose any as I glued that second end cap.  You can rearrange them when the glue is dry.  They will move some, as you move – but that’s really the organic part of the design.  (If you prefer stationary beads, or a more uniform pattern, you can also add crimps to keep them in place!)

Simple Layered Leather and Bead Bracelet at

And that’s it!  I told you, beads and glue.  :)

Simple Layered Leather and Bead Bracelet at

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