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Hey friends!  Um, who scheduled Christmas for four days from now?!?  My December is flying by!  I am excited, but I’m definitely on the last-minute gifts this week, and doing our traditional baking day.  As we put goodie trays together, I had an idea of a cute addition to add to my edible treats for the coffee lovers on my list.  I assembled these snowmen out of KCups (and don’t forget, KCups are available in decaf, cocoas, teas and more, so you can make anyone happy, and it’s a really festive way to give warmth on a chilly day!

Holiday Food Gifts | Easy KCup Snowmen at

You could also make these guys out of empty KCups for some recycled KCup crafts, but I like the idea of giving them as gifts so I created these guys using easily removable tape and paper, so the bond is temporary and won’t damage the cups.  I have my friends at Absopure to thank for my KCup home delivery service, and this is a way I can share some Absopure love with my friends and neighbors!

Holiday Food Gifts | Easy KCup Snowmen at

For this project, you’ll need the following supplies to make each snowman:

  • 3 KCups, in any flavor
  • One strip of black paper, 2 inches wide and 7 (or more) inches long
  • One 2 1/2 inch round black paper circle
  • Scraps of brown paper 3-6 inches long and up to 1 inch wide to make arms
  • Any color paper 2 1/2 inches x 5 inches (to create a special note – I used white)
  • Permanent marker to draw a face
  • Tape
  • Curling ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Paper Trimmer

Holiday Food Gifts | Easy KCup Snowmen at

First, cut your paper into the shapes outlined above.  Wrap the 2-inch strip of black paper around a KCup, and tape it.  It will be loose at the top, which is fine!  When you tie it together at the end, it will be held securely.  Cut the 2 1/2 inch circle from black paper and set it aside for final assembly.

Trim brown scraps of paper into twig arms.  Finally, cut a rectangular piece of white paper (or any color you like!) 2 1/2 x 5 inches.  Fold it in half to create a tiny card.

Holiday Food Gifts | Easy KCup Snowmen at

Draw a face on the second KCup!  I used permanent marker, but you could also use little scraps of paper.  You want the cup to still be usable.

Holiday Food Gifts | Easy KCup Snowmen at

Now assemble the snowman using tape.  This will be a temporary bond so that it can be easily disassembled and all the tape removed – so your recipient can enjoy a hot beverage!  I taped the arms onto the underside of the face cup.  Position the arms slightly toward the front of the face, so that they won’t be in the way of your ribbon at the end.

Create loops of tape to make it sticky on both sides.  Tape a plain KCup to the cup with the face.  Next, tape the black circle to the top of the face cup, and then tape the paper-covered cup to the top of the black circle.  Now, be careful, because even though everything is taped together, it will be a bit wobbly.

Holiday Food Gifts | Easy KCup Snowmen at

Write your special notes!  These will be the base of your snowman.  You don’t have to tape these on, you can just set the snowman on top of the card.

Holiday Food Gifts | Easy KCup Snowmen at

Finally, tie some bright curling ribbon around the card base (the square help will help keep the ribbon in place).  Tie it tightly to secure all the layers together!  These adorable KCup crafts make a great hostess gift, add them to cookie trays, or give them to neighbors or office friends!

Thanks for joining me for today’s quick and easy project, and be sure to check out Absopure’s home delivery service of water coolers, bottled water, Keurig rental, and KCup supplies – which made this edible gift easy to make out of things I keep on-hand all the time.

Adrianne Surian

Note: As an Absopure blogger, I get occasional free Absopure products in order to share crafts and ideas involving water initiatives and recycling with you, my awesome readers.  This post was not a paid promotion, and the ideas and opinions I share are all my own.


  1. CAT says

    Very cute idea! I do not have any Kcups but I am going to see if yogurt cups would work, because I have a bunch of them. Wish me luck :)

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