Sparkle & Shine Stamped Double-Pendant Necklace

So I’ve had my eye on a double-pendant necklace for a while now, and I decided to make one up this week.  I was chatting with Tara from Suburble about metal stamping, and since we were on the topic I wanted to get my supplies out and hammer on stuff to make it pretty.  It’s an obsession.  Truly.  And I’d apologize for how often I put metal stamping in your faces, but I’m not even sorry. :P I just… LOOOVE it.

Sparkle & Shine Stamped Double-Pendant Necklace at

I’ve been eyeing the double-necklace that a character wears on the Marvel Agents of Shield show.  Because, err… instead of runway fashion, I’m the comic book emulator?  I have no idea where my sense of style comes from.  I just know I want to MAKE it MYSELF.  Anyway, if you are a fellow nerd, then you probably know just what I’m talking about:



That’s a little plunge-y for my tastes, but I love the effect nonetheless.  It doesn’t show the bottom pendant off (and I had reservations about showing the photos that *did* show both pendants) but they are a similar style, just two different lengths.

I’m sure Skye isn’t a “sparkle and shine” girl, but now I’m just digressing.


So yeah, I’ve been planning out a double-pendant necklace.  And I made it.  I just used basic stamping techniques on ImpressArt’s river stone pewter blanks.  Because they stamp SO beautifully – even with design stamps.

Sparkle & Shine Stamped Double-Pendant Necklace at

Those are all my regular supplies, with a 3mm lowercase stamp set.  Plus a tool you probably haven’t seen me talk about: an awl.  It’s just a standard awl from my toolbox, but I used it to make dots with much more precise placement.  The only way that stamping really gets difficult to line up is that when you place your stamp, you cover that small surface area you’re about to hammer on.  So being able to give a tap on the end of a pointed tool to make a point is really perfect.

I’m not going to go over stamping in detail today, mainly because I have already posted some great resources and typing another 2,000 words is a little more than I want to get into as I type this up before bed.  But I will give you two things to peruse.  First, you can check out my beginner’s jewelry stamping tutorial.  And if you’re more of an instant-gratification, You-Tuber, you can also watch this video for basic technique.

The differences with the mommy necklace and this project were they style of blank I used (this project is pewter, which gives it a more organic look, especially with the off-round shape) and also the design stamp and the extra dots.

Sparkle & Shine Stamped Double-Pendant Necklace at

Then, I strung these on 16- and 18-inch chains, and attached them to the same clasp.  they could certainly go separately but believe it or not I am nearly OUT of clasps, haha.  (Whoops, time to re-stock!!)  They do wear easily when attached together, though – making them separate really only matters if you want to wear them separately sometimes.

Sorry not to go into more detail today but I truly believe there are only *so many* times I can show you the specifics of stamping… some posts are just going to have to be inspiration pieces. ;)

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  1. Barbara says

    Just love it. Smart idea to use an awl. A couple of sparkly flatback rhinestones might be cute. dunno, might be too much. And, i like the idea of both on 1 clasp. probably less chance of the chains getting tangled. Or, does that only happen to me?

  2. says

    what are the diameters of the chain and links you are using for this necklace? And jump ring sizes.
    Thank you so much, I love love love your tutorials

    • says

      It’s a 2mm curb chain and I typically use 7mm jump rings. It’s a pretty flexible design though, so feel free to substitute as you like!

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