DIY Cabochon Necklace

DIY Cabochon Necklaces at

Hey friends!  Well, we are fully into fall here now, but that doesn’t mean everything is pumpkins around here.  I’ve been playing with some of the trends, and I have to tell you that I’m really digging foxes this time of year!  (Think their time has passed?  Well, lucky for you, you can make any […]

Crystal + Pearl DIY Bangle Bracelet

Crystal + Pearl DIY Bangle Bracelet at

Hey friends!  Happy Friday!  Today we are talking DIY bangle bracelets – and I’m sharing a pearl and crystal version that’s made entirely of beads and wire, making it a really inexpensive DIY jewelry project to make.  It’s a great project for practicing new wire-wrapping skills, because it’s simple repetition of basic wraps.  Plus,, you […]

DIY Leather Bracelet + Bling Beads

DIY Leather Bracelet + Bling Beads at

Hey friends!  Today I’m sharing my favorite kind of craft project: handmade jewelry!  (I know, surprise!  Haha.) This DIY leather bracelet is a boho-meets glam combination.  It’s layered which gives it a big look with a lightweight feel, and it adds a bit of sparkle and shine to any casual outfit.  Plus – it’s easy […]

Colorful Patina Painted DIY Bracelets

Colorful Patina Painted DIY Bracelets at

Hey friends!  I’ve got your jewelry fix today with these modern art patina painted DIY bracelets.  Spice up basic brass components with permanent metal patinas in your favorite hues to make some wearable modern art that’s unlike what you’ll see on anyone else’s wrist! You can make your own patina painted DIY bracelets using supplies from Blitsy Crafts […]

Easy DIY Memory Wire Bracelet

Memory Wire Bracelet at

Hey friends!  I’ve got an ultra-easy project for you to play around with today: a great DIY Memory Wire Bracelet!  The key to memory wire bracelets is mixing and matching the right kinds of beads.  Your style might be boho or mautical or vintage, or even a little bit contemporary… this is a project that […]

Vintage Style Chandelier Earrings

Vintage Style Chandelier Earrings |

Good morning, friends! I hope everyone had a great week and you’re ready for a quick and easy jewelry project to kick off your weekend.  These vintage style chandelier earrings take 10 minutes or less to make, and they’ve got a great boutique look.  This is a great beginner project that will give you practice […]