Easy Turquoise Statement Necklace

Easy Turquoise Statement Necklace at www.happyhourprojects.com

I have a VERY easy and beautiful piece to show you today!  If you’re still looking for handmade Christmas gift ideas, put this on your list of projects to try.  Even jewelry beginners can make this simple turquoise statement necklace in less than ten minutes.  It’s also a great piece for a friend with a… Continue Reading…

Polymer Clay Gift Tags For Valentine’s Day

Polymer Clay Valentine Gift Tags

Back at Christmas time, I made up some simple polymer clay gift tags.  They were a hit with my family, everyone saved them. :) So as I was playing with yesterday’s polymer clay conversation heart charm bracelet, I thought some conversation heart-themed gift tags would be fun too (especially since I already had my clay… Continue Reading…

A Starbucks #DeliciousPairings Gift For An Awesome Friend


A lot of you regular readers know, my husband and I work opposite shifts.  I work a full time day job in an office, and he works full time evenings bartending.  We have a couple hours of overlap in our schedules, and two days a week, Raya goes to daycare to play for 2 hours…… Continue Reading…

Duck Tape® Reversible Gift Bag

Reversible Gift Bag

Make a Duck Tape® Gift bag for a unique, reversible and reusable way to package your holiday gifts!