Stamped Heart Framed Necklace Tutorial & ImpressArt Stamp Set Giveaway

Wire Wrapped Heart Stamped Pendant at

Thank you to ImpressArt for sponsoring today’s awesome metal stamping giveaway! It’s no secret if you read here… well, ever, that I totally love metal stamping and jewelry stamping.  I’ve been sharing stamped jewelry tutorials and ideas for a few years now, and I get really excited every time I see the product line expanded […]

Riveted Flower Necklace

Stamped and Riveted Floral Necklace at

I have another riveted metal project for you to check out today for layering metals and creating dimension.  I made up this necklace for my daughter – who was totally thrilled with it, by the way!  There are a few techniques I am going to show you, and you can combine them in any way […]

ART*CRAFT Stamped Bar Necklace

Art-Craft Stamped Bar Necklace at

So I’ve been chatting a lot with some local artists – and crafters – and there seems to be a delineation between “art” and “crafts”.  I really don’t see the distinction, personally.  An artist is a craftsman (or, craftswoman?), and crafting is an artistic endeavor, too.  They go hand in hand, I believe.  So in […]

Beaded Neon Bungee Bracelets

Beaded Bungee Bracelets in Neon Colors at

So if you read here often, you probably know that I’m on a couple design teams for other blogs, and today I want to share one of my favorite bracelet projects that I shared over at Crafts Unleashed a few months back: beaded bungee bracelets in fun neon colors.  If you didn’t see it over […]

Leather Eyelet Bracelet

Leather Eyelet Bracelet at

I was in the mood for a little leather and metal when I sat down to make today’s project.  I’ve really been enjoying adding eyelets to my projects and so I thought I’d take it a step further… and add a lot of them!  This leather cuff really doesn’t require any skills beyond hammering! I’ll leave […]

Recycled Bottle Jewelry Dishes

Gold Recycled Bottle Jewelry Dishes at

Last week, I showed you guys my cool new tool, the Kinkajou bottle cutter, and how to cut bottles to make beeswax candles.  Well, of course, now I can’t throw any bottles away (haha) and I have a couple more projects to show you that you can use your old bottles to make.  Today’s project […]

Stamped Butterfly Necklace

Butterfly Stamped Necklace at

So you may have seen last week that I got into setting eyelets.  And yeah, I am hooked.  I thought it would be a great addition to this necklace idea that I have had in mind for a little while.  I wanted a wide charm, but attaching the chain directly the blank doesn’t allow it […]