Stop and Smell the… Daisy, and Other News

Red Daisy WIP

Hey friends! I’ve been on a forced slow-down the past few days because I managed to get a concussion.  Fun, right?  I’ve been trying to rest up (as much as one can over a holiday, anyway) and limit my computer time and crafting time, because concentrating on both those things does not help my headache. […]

#ShareAwesome: A Guide For Safe Sharing

Raya Pancake

You can imagine, as a blogger, I live a LOT of my life online.  Visibly.  To strangers, as well as friends.  These days – so much is online, and once it’s out there, it’s out there.  That photo.  That status update.  That post.  But that’s a good thing.  That’s connecting.  It’s reaching out.  It’s making friends. […]

Thoughts On Growing Up


I’ve had a great opportunity to think recently on what it means to grow up, as part of a partnership with State Farm for this post.  Growing up… really, just plain growing.  Maybe maturity has nothing to do with it.  I was always mature and responsible, but getting out on my own is when I […]

Looking Back on 2012, and Ahead to 2013

Top Five Craft Projects

Happy New Year!  I hope yours is already off to a great start.  (You know, as great a start as the first few hours of the new year can be.)  Fair warning… today’s post is full of me just talking.  It’s the new year… I’m full of introspection.  I don’t post my own musings very […]