Updating Home Decor: Transfer Art to Canvas for a Contemporary Look

Update your art! Convert prints and sketches to canvas for a fine-art look on a budget - get the scoop at happyhourprojects.com

Hey friends! I’m sharing some tips today for giving your decor a contemporary look by ditching the frame and having your art and photos printed on canvas.  Now, don’t go saying “Adrianne, this is nothing new!” until you see what I’ve done – I’ve got a great story to share.  I know printing your family […]

Tutorial: Photo Canvas From Your Phone With the #WalgreensApp

How to Print Photo Gifts in One Hour From Your Phone with the #WalgreensApp at www.happyhourprojects.com #shop

Today I’m sharing a last-minute gift idea that is literally SO last-minute, you can pick it up on the way. (Assuming you can gift-wrap in the car, I mean.  Haha.)  By using the Walgreens photo app, you can print photos from your phone and pick up in an hour at most locations.  And what’s cool […]