The (Nearly) Invincible Recipe Card

We made cookies as a family last weekend, which I always enjoy. I know I always say, I’m no foodie. But I have a certain mastery of a select few basics.

Mmmmm.  I know every family has their coveted chocolate chip cookie recipe, and mine is no different. Okay, okay, the “secret” in our house is just to use the old Nestle Tollhouse recipe, and don’t overbake them. I do frequently use other kinds of chips besides chocolate (try toffee chips! My absolute favorite!) and I always bake on parchment paper.

Well, we were on a roll so we made peanut butter cookies too. It was a good day.  Even Raya had a good time.

(I didn’t do that – that’s all daddy…)

So while I love to show off that I can indeed make something that looks delectable, I do want to share a tip that’s become invaluable to me over the years.

This is my laminated favorite recipe card.  I don’t want to tempt fate, but I daresay, it’s virtually indestructable.

It just consists of a few of my most-frequently baked recipes, formatted onto about an 8×8 square sheet of paper. I took it to my local office supply store and had them laminate it for me. I keep it on the frig. So, instead of hauling out a big recipe book, or finding that scrap of paper that my dear gram wrote her bread recipe down on for me, everything is in one place, always at hand, and is easily washed off when it gets dirty. 

Seriously, this beauty is 13 years old, and still in great shape. There weren’t really even such things as blogs when I put this idea together. It’s been dropped, spilled on, and even fully submersed right in with the dishes, and still perfect.  You can tell I am really not a foodie as it’s just one-sided, but anything you can fit on the front or back of a 8.5×11 sheet of paper is something you can have close to hand all the time. I keep it clipped to the side of the fridge with a magnetized clippy, so I never have to bust out a cookbook or recipe file.

With as many kitchen mishaps as I have, I am so, so glad I thought of this all those years ago.  Now… if only I had more skills to add to this baby.  Oh well – thank goodness for takeout!

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~ Adrianne


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  3. Catch A Falling Star says

    Thats a perfect idea!
    I have some great recipes that have stains on them from oil or butter.

  4. Audra says

    Great idea! I know I've had to print out several of the same recipes due to spills lol :) Thanks for linking up!

  5. little macaroon. says

    What a totally BRILLIANT idea. I'm definitely going to follow this up. I always remember the ingredients but forget the quantities for: beschamel sauce, plain sponge cake, crumble topping, pizza dough. Not difficult things, but the bit of my brain that remembers the quantities is just MISSING! I get so sick of lugging out my recipe book for these everyday basics, so this idea is PERFECT!

  6. Mandi says

    Fabulosity!!!! I was reading your banana bread post (yum, by the way – I have a ton of bananas that are ready for b bread waiting for me in my freezer) and I came across this genius idea! I'm pinning it so I can find it later, but I am SO doing this.


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