Thoughts On Growing Up

I’ve had a great opportunity to think recently on what it means to grow up, as part of a partnership with State Farm for this post.  Growing up… really, just plain growing.  Maybe maturity has nothing to do with it.  I was always mature and responsible, but getting out on my own is when I really developed as an adult.

I think back to when I was just starting out on my own.  When I had next to no money, no plan, practically no idea what I was doing, just trying to carve out a place for myself.  I bought a cute little condo – my bachelorette pad.


My family was amazing during that time.  I had a wonderful support system celebrating my independence – my sister, especially.  She visited a lot, we stayed up way too late, we talked and laughed and built the grown-up sister bond – which is a completely different thing from the kid-sister bond.  (There’s way less tattling and borrowing of clothes, anyway).  And we played a lot of board games at my tiny kitchen table.


As I was getting my feet under me, I really learned the things I was capable of.  I learned to stick to a budget, and I learned what my passions in life were.  As much as I love my family and wouldn’t give them up for anything, the great perk to early adulthood is the freedom to really grow, and try new things.

I mentioned that my sister was a big encouragement to me, and I think it’s an invaluable time in life to have a champion to celebrate with you.  I have always been a pretty responsible person, but learning to laugh at yourself, to de-stress, and to find ways to enjoy the places life takes you is one of the best life lessons, and you can only learn it through experience.

See, I was a little late starting out on my own, getting out of my teenage relationship at 26.  It was a shame to get that far into adulthood, never having gotten to know myself.  Not letting loose a little.  Not being silly for a change.  The biggest hurdle to overcome was stepping out of familiarity and embracing the world head on.  And holy cow – there is a LOT of world out there.


It can be pretty scary, learning how much world is out there just waiting for you, without someone to lean on, so I was really fortunate.  She was totally there for me while I tested the waters.


She did the best thing for me anyone in my life could have done: she didn’t guide me through starting out on my own; she inspired me to see what was ahead , and to forge my own path.  With a little bit of encouragement, I found all kinds of things I loved.  I couldn’t get enough loud music, and swooning over celebrities.

She probably thought I was insane, at some point.  I bought a motorcycle.  I wrote a novel.  Well, a crappy first draft, anyway.  And then I wrote another, every year.  I filled my life with creativity.  I was really digging what being a grown up was all about.


And just when I thought I may never settle down (an idea I was fully okay with), I ran into this guy.


And I learned that good things can get even better.  But that’s another story, for another day.

What about you?  Who helped you when you were first starting out?  Did you have any big challenges to overcome early on?

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  1. says

    WOW, Adrianne, what a beautiful story. I’m so glad you had your sister to help give you the strength and confidence to embrace life! I must say, it’s great growing into grown-up relationships with siblings, cousins, and trust me, one day your kids. (My daughter and I have begun our journey into adult daughter/mother relationship and it’s WONDERFUL)

  2. Wanda says

    I really enjoyed this. Looks like you got a sunburn hiking! My youngest child is ready to make the leap but so far, no job. I’m gonna miss her.

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