Time to Shine: Healthy Snacks with Outshine Fruit Bars

Well I am happy to say that the baby weight is *nearly* gone. I officially have just 6 pounds to go. Woohoo! It’s definitely been a struggle, though – much tougher than with my daughter. You guys may remember that my son was nearly 11 lbs when he finally arrived! By the end, I swear, I was eating all. day. long. That kid made me SO hungry! Fortunately, I tried very hard to choose healthy snacks, and I found a great alternative to one of the typical pregnant-woman cravings – instead of a big bowl of ice cream, I could NOT get enough Outshine Fruit Bars!

Outshine Frozen Fruit Bars #RealFruitBars #shop

I am comfortable confessing, I gained 39 lbs with Roman. I mean, look at me.


Considering he was born at 10 lbs 12 oz, and is already over 17 lbs now at 2 months old (yep, he’s in NINE MONTH clothes already) – it could have been a lot worse. Still – I’m ready to get back to feeling like myself again!


It’s one thing when you’re rocking the pregnant-mama-glow… but you moms remember how it feels after your baby is born. A big belly without a baby in there just isn’t cute at all anymore. I want to get a little more comfortable.  Heck… I want to shine!  The holidays are right around the corner, and I’d sure love to be feeling better about my body by the time the parties are in full swing.  It doesn’t matter if the weather is cooler, a yummy frozen treat tastes good all year long!

Outshine Frozen Fruit Bars #RealFruitBars #shop

Outshine Fruit Bars are gluten free, they don’t have any high-fructose corn syrup, and they are made with real fruit or fruit juices. They are all fat free (with the exception of the Creamy Coconut flavor). Now, all that looks great on the label, but even better is they are sooo good. Hands down, they’re my favorite frozen fruit bar. I seriously ate 2 boxes a week before Roman arrived! (My husband just knew, if he was going to the kitchen for anything – bring back a frozen fruit bar!) I enjoy them in MUCH better moderation now (haha) but it’s still my go-to treat when I want to enjoy a snack.

Outshine Frozen Fruit Bars #RealFruitBars #shop

Edy’s philosophy is don’t just snack, snack brighter.  And I’m going to want snacks – there is no way I’m going to be able to eat perfectly all the time. But being able to enjoy a treat that doesn’t send me immediately into guilt-mode is a win-win. I’m hoping to lose *more* than just the baby weight – I sure want my momentum to keep going!  Being able to feel like I can splurge a little helps make the process a lot less painful.

You can pick up Outshine Fruit Bars on your next trip to Walmart, and you can keep up-to-date with what’s new by following on Facebook or Twitter!



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      I love Outshine fruit bars, but I cannot find my favorite lately. BlueberryArcia I am not able to locate. Is it just seasonal or year round? Will it be back in the Spring or Summer? Would like to hear from you with an answer. Thank you. Mary Ann

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    These look so good! My daughter might actually eat these, too – bonus! GO YOU for losing the baby weight so fast! I gained almost 50 lbs. with my daughter. It was miserable. I’m heading to the grocery store tonight – will have to look for these Outshine fruit bars. Thanks!

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    I love those things too! I can’t even keep them on hand because they disappear so fast. It is awesome to have something so yummy actually be HEALTHY too!

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    I was just telling Drew the other day – I look down and think the belly isn’t so bad, then I look in a mirror and realize it doesn’t look bad because the whole waist/torso/bum/thigh area is all bad. CANNOT wait until I start feeling better and can start exercising! But won’t be waiting to have these fruit bars – they look delicious!! I’m totally craving sweets right now, and pies are probably not as healthy :-)

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    Adrianne, those bars look amazing! Losing the baby weight is a challenge…and it gets more difficult with each pregnancy! Roman is a cutie…well your entire family is gorgeous! :)

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    I am loving Outshine Fruit Bars as a snack too!! Great job on losing the baby weight. Your son is a healthy boy – he looks the same size as my 8 month old twins! Thanks for sharing your story! #client

  6. Marshall Cohen says

    I also love Outshine fruit bars but cannot find my favorite any more which is your

    Acai fruit bar. We shop mostly at Vons but haven’t been able to find them for

    quite a while. Bring them back or else!

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