Vacation Day: Butterfly Outing

So I took a vacation day this week to handle some family business, to paint in my daughter’s room, and to spend time with my favorite people.  No, not you guys, sorry. ;) These guys:

Family Butterfly Outing at

We took a trip to the butterfly exhibit that runs every spring.  You’ll notice miss Raya can’t even put her butterfly guidebook down long enough for a photo.  She was SO. EXCITED.  We spent a good hour finding butterflies in the tropical habitat (read: mommy and daddy are melting.  Still worth it, though.)  It’s a nightmare trying to negotiate this place on a weekend, though – which is why we took advantage of an afternoon away from the office instead.  We practically had the place to ourselves!

Family Butterfly Outing at

Nature kicks ass, really.

Family Butterfly Outing at

It was an overcast day which means sleepy butterflies, but that didn’t stop Raya from counting 100 of them.  (Well, she gets to 16, skips to 100, and then starts over a few times.  Hey, it works.)  Roman didn’t care too much about the butterflies, he just liked the change of scenery.

Family Butterfly Outing at

What a good-looking family, am I right?

Anyway – that’s what I do when I get a rare day off: I run far away from the computer, hug my kids, teach them about bugs, and buy them ice cream.*

*ice cream not pictured.

Have you been up to anything fun this week? 

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    • says

      Thanks Robyn! I actually don’t like it. I’m getting it “fixed” this weekend – it came out too orange for my tastes. I was aiming for a redder red. :P

      Thanks for the note, too – we had a blast. This is an annual tradition for us!

  1. says

    What a wonderful day! I’m so glad you all got out of the house together and had some good bonding time! You all look fantastic!

  2. Carole says

    What a lovely way to spend time with the whole family!!! Adorable children!!! Really nice pictures!!

  3. says

    Thank you for sharing that. You definately need to take time to see the butterflies! Looks like such fun and what a great annual tradition for the kids! Great pics and yes a great looking family! Lovely. ~ Sue

  4. AmyLee says

    Yes, You are a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY! Unfortunately, a HAPPY FAMILY is a Rare find in this day in time! You are BLESSED, although you earned it by working hard for it! May your Blessings Continue! ÷) Thank You for ALL you DO & SHARE with US! AmyLee

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