Weekend Highlights and Surgery, boo!

Well mamas, I have been thoroughly enjoying your links this weekend, and I have a bunch in mind for features!  

Unfortunately, I am going into surgery this morning and I’m not going to get to show you off properly this week.  It’s nothing major, and I keep forgetting the technical medical terms, but I’m getting my reflux fixed, which will make me feel so much better

What, you think it’s too much to ask for my surgeon to look like that? 

Anyway, I’m out of commission for a week or two, with a dying laptop and spotty internet connection at home, and my trusty smartphone that can really only do so much.

But I do have scheduled posting at my disposal and have lined up a few fun posts while I’m resting up this week.  Pardon me if I repeat myself (or mention surgery fifteen times) because it’s actually really hard to keep everything straight when you’re tring to pretend you’re posting from the future, LOL!  Eh, you mamas will forgive me, I’m certain.

Thank you all for linking up, and I will do lots and lots of highlights when I’m back to my {new and improved} old self!

Happy Monday ~ Adrianne


  1. Fifi says

    ooh….I'd never want to leave the hospital if all the doctors looked like McSteamies and McDreamies!! lol!

    Wishing you a speedy recovery! ?

    your newest follower from the hop!

  2. chiropractor belmont headaches says

    Maintain your health well after the surgery. A few visits to the surgeon for post-op treatment helps you recover faster.

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