Friday Finds: What Can You Do With A Cracker? (And Your Chance to Win $250!)

Today’s Friday Finds is brought to you by Dare Crackers!

One of my favorite snacks is crackers.  My daughter gets this love from me – we can demolish a plate in no time flat, seriously.  But it’s not just crackers – it’s all about what you can put on top!  I’ve made a meal out of crackers before, and I don’t even feel guilty about admitting it.  There are just so many goodies you can pile onto a great cracker to make it extra delicious.

I love classic cheese and crackers, but one of my all-time favorites is chicken salad on a cracker… okay, I’m lying, not one cracker, not for a meal.  It’s an eat-and-repeat portion size.  Ahem.  It’s a perfect way to use up that last portion of chicken salad that’s not enough to become a whole sandwich.


Anyway – that gets me excited about all the fabulous recipes that today’s sponsor, Kayne Raymond of Dare Crackers, has put together.  Because he does what I do – he makes crackers into delicious mini-meals!  What?  Yeah!  So I was browsing around his share-worthy collection and I got all kinds of great ideas for my next cracker snack.  Yum!

You can check out some of his recipes at SkinnyScoop (including my personal favorite pick, his Dada Daughter Ice Cream Sandwich recipe made with strawberries, mint, and dulce de leche ice cream on Breton Original crackers).  There are several creative and sophisticated recipes capturing flavors that are sweet, savory, and even international that caught my eye that would be perfect for your next party or even a casual night in.

Right now, you can also choose your own favorite recipes, and by sharing them, you can also be entered to win one of two $250 Amex gift cards – want to see my picks?

You can get entered too!  Using the widget above, you just need to vote for your four (or more!) favorite Dare crackers’ recipes by clicking on the images, and sharing your picks on Pinterest. Be sure to click the “done” button and register your votes via email or Facebook so you are entered to win a $250 Amex gift card!

There’s also a second great sweepstakes that Dare Crackers is running on their Facebook page, and if you’re a foodie, then you don’t want to miss it.  You’ve got daily chances at having your own party with Kayne Raymond!

New Dare crackers chef and spokesperson, Kayne Raymond, will invite one lucky winner into the kitchen for the Inspire Every Bite Sweepstakes on Facebook. Go to Inspire Every Bite Sweepstakes and vote for your favorite recipe for a chance to co-host your next party with Chef Kayne. Feeling inspired by a different flavor? Visit every day and cast your vote for a new favorite. Each vote is a chance to co-host your next party for nine guests with Chef Kayne Raymond.

What are your favorite cracker combinations?  Are you a classic cheese and crackers fan?  Peanut butter and bananas?  Chicken salad, like me?  Or do you have other ideas for a deliciously different cracker snack?

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