What I Love About Babywearing

If you follow my social media, you’ve probably already seen that I am a babywearer.

Babywearing at www.happyhourprojects.com

(Pardon the photo quality – but a lot of times, it’s an iPhone selfie, or nothing at all..) 

I started nearly 3 years ago when my daughter was a few weeks old, when I couldn’t put her down for one single minute without that activating the scream button.  I did it then because I hadn’t been able to eat a sandwich or do dishes or laundry in days, and a fellow mom suggested babywearing if for no other reason than to get my arms back for a while.  What I discovered was, not only did she like it, but I liked it too!

I know when you say “babywearing” it’s easy to picture families who co-sleep, babies who probably wouldn’t know what to do with an actual bottle, kids who have never been to day care… like probably the opposite of my family.  We just don’t have traditional roles.  I’m sooo NOT a “crunchy mama”.  But regardless of our lifestyle – or your lifestyle – babywearing is for everyone.  Seriously.  If you ever pick up your child and hold onto them around the house, if you ever pack a gigantic stroller into your trunk, if you go for walks or day hikes, if you ever try to manage 2 kids – or more – at once… you are who babywearing was meant for.

I love the freedom of babywearing.  I wore Raya in a wrap for the first few months, and switched to a Mei Tai wrap after that.

Babywearing at www.happyhourprojects.com Babywearing at www.happyhourprojects.com
As much of a DIY-er as I am (I actually made Raya’s Mei Tai!) there are some features that are just worth paying for – like lots of padding, pockets, and buckles.  So when I had the opportunity to try out the Boba 4G, I jumped at it!  Roman is 3 months old now, and has his fair share of fussy times.  And unlike my average-sized daughter, my son is a tank at 20 lbs. already.  We made the wrap work for the first few weeks, but it was definitely time for a soft-structured carrier.

Babywearing at www.happyhourprojects.com

I know he looks sad, but there’s no tears in the carrier!

My Boba has TONS of padding so it stays comfortable for a long time, and it’s got pockets and a purse strap.  For my kids, there are removable foot straps (for when they get older and bigger, like Raya) and there’s a removable sleeping hood.  For smaller infants (ie. NOT babies my son’s size, haha) you don’t need a special infant insert.  The carrier supports babies and kids 7-45 lbs. – that means right now, I can use it for either kid.

Babywearing at www.happyhourprojects.com

“Roman already had a turn, mama, it’s my turn now!”

It also fits adults 5’ to 6’3” and the waistband adjusts between 25-58”.  So the carrier is great for parents and children of nearly every shape and size.

If you’re new to babywearing (or just new to a soft structured carrier) the Boba website has videos to show you how to place and remove your child, adjust the carrier to accommodate front or back carries, and even nurse while in the carrier.  You can also follow on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to date on new products, promotions, and babywearing tips.

I seriously adore this carrier, I have recommended it to other moms already and I will say the same thing here.  It’s comfortable, convenient, versatile and high-quality – you really can’t go wrong on the Boba.

What I love about Babywearing at www.happyhourprojects.com

Do you use a carrier with your kids or are you considering one?  What do you love about babywearing?

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    I have the ergo and both my husband and I use it with our daughter. I like that ican prep food or even vaccum with her on (bonus the vaccum often puts her to sleep)

    • says

      I think that’s the easiest way to tell that our kiddos love it too – when you can get them to stop crying, and even fall asleep in the carrier – it must be comfortable!

  2. says

    Look at all of those great pictures of you and your wee ones. I need to do the iPhone selfie more often.

    And I will 1000% percent agree with you about baby-wearing. I was a self-proclaimed addict to babywearing, and loved every second of it. There’s something so nice about having that little baby head nuzzled into your chest. Or the fact that you can vacuum and load the dishwasher without you child howling from their baby seat.

    This Boba looks fabulous! So glad you found a carrier that you love!

  3. says

    This looks awesome! It fits such a wide variety of sizes….but babies/kids and adults! It sure looks better than the old backpack I had when my guys were little!

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