Why Santa Should Bring Me a Silhouette Cameo For Christmas

Dear Santa,

Hi.  How’s it going?  I know you’re awfully busy this time of year, but if it’s not too much trouble, I would like to plead my case for getting a Silhouette machine for Christmas.  I think if you check your list, you will find that I have been really good this year.

Exhibit 1: My Sad, Late, Unfinished Advent Project

?(P.S. – the lighting here is why I still need you to change that light bulb in the kitchen fixture.)
As you can see, my unlabeled project looks nothing like a calendar, and everything like a wintery laundry project.  Every attempt to number this board has made it look like Raya helped me.  (We both love Raya, but you know her handwriting is atrocious.)
If only I had a machine that could cut out some cute little numbers and a clever Christmas phrase, I could show this off properly (and not settle for displaying a low-resolution photo from my phone as a last-minute thought before heading out the door this morning).
Anyway, it is now December 8, and finishing an advent calendar seems almost silly by now, as we are nearly halfway through our Christmas countdown this year.  All the blogging mamas out there have either already made one, or aren’t going to this year.  
It would simply not be timely of me to share my tutorial for this inexpensive and simple board, where I primed and mod-podged some cute wrapping paper onto a previously sad-looking sign, sprayed some clothespins white and attached them as treat-hangers.  I don’t even have treats ready to hang, because I have been trying to finish the labeling before hanging it up in our living room.  Maybe I can post the how-to next year.
I will make the most amazing cookies for you this year,
(P.S. Don’t panic if you already have something different packed in your sleigh for me.  Just get us a nice printer so that I at least have something to work with, and let Cupid know it would still make a lovely Valentine’s Day gift…)


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