Wire-Wrapped Turkey Necklace

Whew, happy Monday!  I have to confess, I haven’t been doing a whole lot lately craft-wise.  Everything I’m been creating has been focused so much more on fictitious ventures. :)  23,144 words and counting, which means I’m so close to halfway to my 50,000 words on my novel for NaNoWriMo!  

But I have been playing with a few wire wrapped designs.  Some of it has actually been related to my writing group (I’ll show you when I’m done!) but I have a fun one to show off today:

It’s a silly turkey, but I sure had fun with this one!  All I used was 2 gauges of Vintaj brass wire, some Miyuki seed beads, and a pair of pliers.  It’s really fun creating from scratch. :)

What about you mamas?  Any good turkey-crafting going on?

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  1. Terry says

    That is really pretty. I wasn't thinking turkey at first, but that makes it even more interesting. Love it!!

  2. Bargain GAB says

    I LOVE your blog! I'm always looking for crafty things to do in the little free time I have. Being a wahm, blogger and having 3 young kids doesn't leave a ton of time for crafting, but I love to make things, especially for the kids! I'm following you via RSS feed. I'm hopping over from http://www.bargaingab.com if you want to come check it out!

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