10-Minute Hemp Bracelet

Good morning!  Hope you had a great weekend – we are gearing up for a hot week here which has my mind on beachy accessories this week.  I made up a couple of fun woven bracelets I want to show you!  First up: a woven hemp bracelet that even beginners can make in about 10 minutes.

10-Minute Hemp Bracelet at www.happyhourprojects.com

If you’re a long-time reader, you may recognize this style.  I posted a similar pattern last year for a tie-on version that I called the 10-minute bracelet.  So many of you asked how you take it off, though, that I made a small modification to the design that will allow you to do so.

I was inspired to make this piece when I placed my last order at Happy Mango Beads – they were running a special that offered a bonus grab bag with 1-2 beads of various types.  I spotted this particular bead and I knew immediately what I wanted to do with it.  I’m not being compensated for this post or making any money off affiliate links – I just want to share with you where you can find the supplies I used if you’re going for this same look!

What you will need:

10-Minute Hemp Bracelet at www.happyhourprojects.com

  • A focal bead or ring – this one is a Moroccan Howlite ring bead.  You can use a metal ring or really anything you can tie two knots to!
  • 10-20 lb. hemp twine – you will need about 6 feet for this project.  I used 10 lb which is quite thin, but anything that will fit into your end caps will work fine!  I love this variety pack of natural hemp, it has several thicknesses and I’ve used it for several different projects with different looks.  You can also find hemp ant any craft store and even many dollar stores.
  • Glue-on end caps and Aleene’s jewelry glue.
  • Scissors.

First things first – cut six 12″ strands of hemp.  (If you want to make an ankle bracelet instead, cut them about 15″.)  Take three strands and find the center.  Double your twine, and make a lark’s head knot covering the hole of your bead.

10-Minute Hemp Bracelet at www.happyhourprojects.com

If you’re not sure how to do this, just feed the loop through the hole in your bead, and then thread the ends of the twine through the loop you made, and pull it tight.  Do this on both sides, as the photo above shows.

You will have 6 cords coming off either side.  Braid or weave them however you like.  I make a simple, normal braid because it’s fast and easy!  Just take 2 strands of hemp and braid it.  If you want to get fancy, you can make a 6-strand (or more!) braid, macrame it – whatever you like – but simple is what makes this project go so quickly.

10-Minute Hemp Bracelet at www.happyhourprojects.com

Now, the length you need to braid will vary on a couple of factors: how large your focal piece is, how long your end caps and clasp are, and how big your wrist is.  You want a total length between 6-1/2 – 7 inches.  For these particular supplies – I braided 2-1/4 inches on each side, and tied it off with an overhand knot.  (For an ankle bracelet, I would recommend 3 1/2 inches on each side).  But if your findings are larger or smaller, make whatever adjustments you find necessary.

You can leave your tails long and tie this bracelet on, if you want.  That was what I did for my original version.  But because so many of you asked for a removeable pattern, you can add some simple glue-on ends caps.

All you need to do for end caps is cut your tails to the length of the cap (generally about 1/4 inch).  Add a small amount of jewelry glue (make sure metal use is recommended – I love Aleene’s for gluing on end caps) and just push the end of the hemp into the cap up to the knot.  Super easy.  Just try not to glue yourself (I glue myself all the time, LOL).

Now, all you have to do is add a clasp of your choice (the end caps I linked to above even come with an “S”  clasp.  Enjoy your piece!

10-Minute Hemp Bracelet at www.happyhourprojects.com



  1. Kirsten

    Ok, two things: (1) You’re awesome and I love all of your jewelry tutorials. Thanks for “dumbing it down” for the less-than-jewelry savvy person such as myself. :) And (2) I’m so happy to hear the heat is coming to MI since the fam and I will be up there in just a couple weeks! YAY!!! :) (You’ll be popping that baby out at the same time, otherwise I’d TOTALLY have to meet up with you and hug your neck!)
    Kirsten recently posted..Summer Fun Camp – DIY Seashell WindchimeMy Profile

  2. Beautiful! That is the kind of Jewelry I would wear.

  3. It’s a beautiful!

  4. Marilyn

    Adrianne, this is simple yet stunning! I just posted a link to this post along with a picture on 4 You With Love’s FB page if you need to share it onto your page so the picture will post while you wait for the FB gods to no longer be angry with you! :p

  5. What a great craft! Perfect for summer!
    Debra recently posted..Photography Backdrop Stand TutorialMy Profile

  6. Marissa

    Adrianne this is so simple & beautiful. I love it! Pinned to my “accessory” board as a must have. :-)
    Marissa recently posted..review: bulu boxMy Profile

  7. That’s a great bracelet! It would make a fun anklet too. Pinning this so I can come back later. Have a great day!
    Maria @ Krafty Cards etc.
    Maria B recently posted..Happy Monday!My Profile

  8. Crystal says:

    I love all your jewelry tutorials!! They are so cute and fun!! Thank so much!!

  9. This would be the perfect craft for my Girlfriends Unlimited group. I’m always trying to find something fun, but not too expensive or time consuming for my lady’s group at church. It would also serve as their take-home gift! Thanks bunches!!!
    Alli recently posted..Stan’s HushpuppiesMy Profile

  10. meemaw crochets says:

    Thanks for this very simple tutorial. I enjoy seeing all of your instructions for making bracelets, very informative and easy to follow with plenty of pictures.

  11. That is super cute and simple! I love the bead you choose!

  12. Em MacCormick says:

    I’d love to make some of these with the 4-H Super Saturday event. We need quick easy projects. To add an educational element I may find some item from recycling for the bead/bauble element. thanks,

  13. Do you have kits to buy


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