Easy Wire “Love” Necklace

Easy Wire "Love" Necklace at www.happyhourprojects.com

If you enjoy working with wire, then I have an easy jewelry idea that makes a great handmade Valentine’s Day gift, or a fun something to wear on date night.  Wire crafting is a pretty inexpensive craft once you have made your initial investment in jewelry pliers and it’s one of my favorite mediums, honestly! […]

Handmade Valentine’s Gifts: DIY Wire-Wrapped Heart Necklace

DIY Handmade Valentine's Gift - Wire Wrapped Heart Necklace Tutorial at www.happyhourprojects.com

I don’t know what it is about Valentine’s Day.  I’m not even all that romantic… I think I just really like making heart-shaped projects, haha.  I made up this delicate-looking heart necklace over the weekend and I just LOVE how it turned out.  If you’re brand new to wire-wrapping, you may need to practice this […]

Easy Etched Heart Champagne Flutes with #MyFavoriteBloggers

Easy Etched Heart Champagne Flutes from the Dollar Store at happyhourprojects.com

I have an easy and addictive project idea today – if you haven’t done any glass etching before, beware: once you start you will want to etch EVERYTHING.  It’s a perfect understated way to personalize inexpensive pieces and make gifts and one of a kind decor items.  Etching creams aren’t exactly cheap (I think I […]

How to Make an Easy Romantic Meal: Chicken Tortellini Alfredo and Tres Leches Mini Cakes

How to Make an Easy Romantic Dinner: Chicken Tortellini Alfredo and Tres Leches Cakes #Valentines4All #shop

If you read here often, you know I don’t like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  An hour or less… and I aim for the “less” any time I can get away with it!  A romantic dinner to me normally involves telling my husband where I want him to take me, haha. […]

Hammered Hand-Stamped Cuff Bracelet


This is a little Valentine gift for a friend of mine, a hand-stamped and hammered aluminum cuff.  Believe it or not, this is the first time I’ve hammered one of my stamped pieces and I just LOVE the effect. I really wish the photo did it more justice but this full-time-job and the whole sun-going-down-before-dinner-is-over […]