Friday Finds: 16 Creative and Adorable Pies, and Ideas For Celebrating Pi Day

Today’s Friday Finds is a delicious edition sponsored by Foodie!  Pi Day (3.14) is coming up in just 2 weeks.  Are you celebrating?  With PIE, perhaps?

I love pie, I confess.  Doesn’t everyone? My absolute favorite is Dutch Apple (and I have a great recipe for it, by the way).

Dutch Apple Pie at

But PIE doesn’t have to be confined to the pie plate.  I’ve collected 16 great ideas to spur your kitchen creativity, from adorable miniature pies to hand pies, pies on sticks, pie shooters, and oh yes – even pie-flavored cocktails.  You can scroll the collection above, or you can visit me over on Foodie to see more!  How will you celebrate Pi Day this year?  I’ve got a couple suggestions of activities you can enjoy – over a delicious pie!

First of all, for the true Pi fans out there, A Periodic Table Blog can show you how to make Pi Pie.  It’s Pie squared, people, and that equals awesome.

Apple Pi at A Periodic Table Blog

Pi is pretty universally known by its first few digits, 3.14.  But how much farther can you go?  I get to 3.14159 and that’s all I can do.  You can challenge your friends to see who can recite the most places.  You’d better start practicing early, though, if you want to try to beat the Guinness World Record Holder Chao Lu… in 2005 he recited Pi to over 67,000 decimal places.  It took him more than 24 hours.

I’d rather eat pie, I think.

Last year, I polled on Facebook for people’s favorite pie flavors, and I created a pie chart of the results:


Because on Pi Day, math knows no bounds.

Maybe you’re not really all that mathematical after all, though.  If you’re enjoying your pie, and hoping no one quizzes you on your math skills – maybe challenge them right back to create a Pi-ku.  A haiku-inspired poem arranged in 3-1-4 syllables:

It’s Pi Day.


Always delights.

No matter how much of your inner nerd you to show on Pi Day, you can’t go wrong if you celebrate with pie.  Enjoy!

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    Adrianne, my guys all LOVE LOVE LOVE Pie! I LOVE this apple pie and when I clicked, the recipe is one I think I could make! I also love the addition of the cut out numbers on the crust for Pi Day! :)

  2. says

    Oh my goodness the Pi squared pie is AWESOME! I love all types of pie but the numbers in that one would have my 4 year old in heaven! :)

  3. says

    I know 3.14. And that’s about it.

    Love apple pie, but lemon meringue is my all-time fave! Those pictures made me so hungry!

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