Basic Sliding Knot Bracelet

Earlier this month, I shared a tutorial over at What Meegan Makes on a simple, beachy bracelet that doesn’t take anything but some cotton twine and a shell (or another summery focal piece).  Did you see this already?  If not – let me show you today!

What you’ll need:

  • 36″ of twine – mine is cotton, but you could use leather or hemp – whatever you like the looks of!
  • A focal piece that is open on two ends.  Mine is a shell that has been turned into a bead by having the back cut off, but raid your stash.  You could use a washer, ring, or any connector that you can tie your cords to on each end for a more industrial or artistic look, depending in what you like.  Just changing your focal piece will create and entirely different bracelet.

Let me recommend a good place to look for supplies for this project: I actually got my shell beads and twine from my local dollar store.  I have plenty of supplies for several projects to come, and the total cost was only $2, making this a very inexpensive project!
All you are going to do to make this bracelet is to tie two pairs of knots.  The lark’s head knots that connect your cords to your focal piece are really easy.  The sliding knot is also easy, once you get the hang of how it works.
It can look confusing when I’m just showing you the photos – especially because for this bracelet, you’re working with a doubled cord.  It’s easier if you practice a couple times on just one cord first – so before you begin, take two scrap pieces of cord, and get comfortable with the sliding knot.  I’m using two different colors to differentiate my two cords below.  The pink one is the one I’m going to knot, to slide along the brown cord.
Lay your cords next to each other, and double the pink cord back over itself.  I find I have enough to work with when I leave about 3-4″ to make into my knot.

Take the small end, and wrap it around *both* cords, working away from the loop you made.  Leave your wraps loose enough that you’ll be able to pass the tail end back through in just a minute.  Wrap it at least 2 times (though you may like the looks of 3 or even 4 wraps).
Now, feed the tail back the other way through your wraps, back toward the loop.  Pass it through the loop when you get to the end.
Now, just tighten it.  Not so tight that you can’t slide it along the brown cord, just tight enough that it won’t come undone.

Try this a few times if you need to.  Once you’re comfortable with how to make the knot, let’s move on to actually making our bracelet!

You’ll need to have a focal piece you can pass your cord through from front to back.

Trim your cord into two 18″ lengths.  Double it in half.
Take the loop-end and pass it through one end of your piece from front to back.
Now, take the tail ends and pass then through the loop.
Now pull it tight.  This is a lark’s head knot.  Do the same thing on the other side – you’ll have a double cord on each side.
Now, for our sliding knots.  These will all be the same color, but it’s just the same.  Just try to keep even tension on your cords while you work.
Choose whichever side you want to work on first.  Take a 3-4″ end, and double it over onto the cords attached to the opposite side of your bracelet.
Wrap it around at least 2 times.  With 2 cords, it will look like at least 4 wraps.
Now, pass the two ends through the wraps and back toward your loop – passing them through the loop once you reach the end.
Now, just tighten it up!  Then, do the same thing with the other cord.  You may want to make your bracelet smaller while you do this, to give yourself more room to work.
When you’re done, just trim up the ends.  Don’t cut them too close, you don’t want them to unravel.
Now, you have a sliding knot bracelet!  There are tons of other ways to make adjustable knots, this is just my favorite way – I think it’s the easiest sliding knot.
If the sliding knots give you trouble – you could tie this on like a friendship bracelet, or trim down your twine and attach crimp end caps and a clasp, instead.  The sliding knot is simple and versatile with just a little bit of practice, but if it gives you trouble – remember that you can make any changes to your own piece to make the project right for you!


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  1. Danni Baird says

    Oh my gosh, you have saved me! I have 3 teenagers coming this week and I'm nervous about keeping them entertained. I have everything to make this bracelet and I'm pinning this tutorial so they can make their own! I love it, I think they will too! Thanks Adrianne!

  2. Kara at Petals to Picots says

    My daughters have been making bracelets all summer and trying to make those sliding knots. I can't wait to show them how!

  3. Jessi Wohlwend says

    Thanks for the tutorial! I love sliding knot bracelets but I never knew how to make them before. Thanks so much for sharing at The Fun In Functional!

  4. Dasia says

    Took me awhile to get the sliding knots done but once I got it it turned out great! Awesome tutorial! Very simple yet cute.

  5. Elsa says

    Thanks! I had watched all these videos, even went to store and could not get it until your instructions.

  6. qwerty says

    I saw some awesome bracelets with a knot like that and was wondering how to make them. Your tutorial has been very helpful, thanks!

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