Bead and Chain Bracelets

Today’s project is an easy little mixed media piece that you can make up in about 10 minutes.  (I LOVE ten-minute projects!)

Bead and Chain Mixed Media Bracelet

It’s also a great stash-buster since you need small quantities of things – so if you have a few beads leftover from other projects, it’s a great way to turn just a few into something pretty!

What you will need:

Bead and Chain Mixed Media Bracelet

  • A few inches of chain.  This will really depend on a couple of factors: the size of your wrist, the length of your clasp, and how many beads you plan to use.  The brilliance of mixed media is that you can use up what you have, but if you plan to buy new to make this project, the easiest method is to pick up a bracelet-sized chain with a clasp already attached.
  • A clasp (if it’s not already attached to your chain)
  • Heavy-gauge wire (I like 18 gauge for projects like this)
  • Beads you love – how many you want is up to you, but probably around 1-2 inches worth
  • Wire cutters
  • Jewelry pliers (round-nosed work best for this project)

Decide how many beads you want to use.  You will want to choose a length that is slightly less than the top of your wrist.  Cut a length of wire about an inch longer than what you’re planning.  I know I’m not being precise here – but you really do have a lot of flexibility to go bigger, smaller, whatever you like! :)

Use your pliers to make a loop on one end of your wire.

Bead and Chain Mixed Media Bracelet

Now, thread your beads on, and close the other end just the same way.  If you have a little excess, you can cut it off.

Bead and Chain Mixed Media Bracelet

Now, if you are using an actual link bracelet here, you will want to remove a length that is about the same as your bead bar that you just made.  If you are using (or re-using!) chain, you will have to estimate what you need here.  A bracelet is generally 7 or 8 inches.  If you made a 2-inch bead bar, you’ll need between 5-6 inches of chain, cut into 2 equal lengths to go on either side of your beads.

Bead and Chain Mixed Media Bracelet

Open the wire loops you made on your bead bar just enough to loop onto the ends of your chain.  If necessary, attach your clasp as well so that you have a complete bracelet.

Bead and Chain Mixed Media Bracelet

That’s it!  Now, initially, I thought I could attach both bars of beads onto the same bracelet.  Yeah, that didn’t work. ;) (Hey, not all my ideas are winners, LOL!)  So that is why all the bead shots are together in the photos.  But it was a  quick fix to make up a second bracelet – I just scavenged some chunky chain leftover from a previous project.  The two bracelets have a totally different look with the same method, but they can certainly be worn stacked!

Bead and Chain Mixed Media Bracelet

These would look sweet tucked into an Easter basket if you have girls around that age!  And the best part is, by making it yourself, you can adjust the length to fit even young ladies. :)

Bead and Chain Mixed Media Bracelet



  1. Kirsten says

    I seriously want to get into jewelry-making but haven’t had the guts (or the time, really) to tackle another hobby. This looks easy enough, though, that I may have to bite the bullet! Very pretty :)

  2. says

    I really like this project because I often buy just a few beads especially if they are expensive ones or quirky in a good way beads (like pineapples LOL!). So this is a good project to use up those beads so they are actually seen and worn! Posted two finished photos of your bracelet(s) and a link back to you on my blog. Thanks so much for posting such good DIYs!

  3. says

    This is just super cute! I wish I had better luck at jewelry but with the fibro my hands get stiff and achy and it just doesn’t happen. I suppose that’s a good thing though as it means I can buy from other crafty folks!

  4. Heather says

    Adrianne – you have inspired me to get out my jewelry making stuff again after a long break :) Thank you!

  5. Glenda says

    Just came upon your beautiful birthstone tree last night…btw…I really have enjoyed reading, seeing some of your other ideas and directions….now please help…maybe I missed the directions on the tree…the wire, rock, height good….but to make the branches.. I need help!! Please
    I made a sample, it turned out shelf worthy..yea!! How many wires would I pull for a branch? AND. about supplies…what do you think I would need (quanity) of stones I would need per tree…any suggestions on buying supplies..we have holly hobbie and Micheals in another I used were left overs from Walmart..& here & there…again, as a beginner Im excited about doing many of your items….recently retired with time now

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